The Final Table - Netflix

This looks like it might be good.

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And??? How is it?

Maybe I should have written “I’ll be watching!”
I only watched the trailer so far. Doesn’t it start November 20th?

Duh - sorry, yes!!!

Watched the first episode, featuring Mexico, with Tacos. The set is reminiscent of Master Chef, or maybe Iron Chef. A little “cold” for my taste. First set of judges aren’t folks most of us would “follow”, but three teams at the bottom “cook off” with someone more “cheffy” judging (Enrique Olvera- nopales, atun as in prickly pear). He gives feedback while there is still time to alter their plans a bit.

Nice photography. Some travel clips that look pretty nice, but I wish they were longer.

Interesting pantry, looks like good technique (to me!), and creative , but not weird-to-be-weird dishes. No obnoxious challenges, at least yet.

Next up is Spain.

I hope I haven’t revealed too much.

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Thanks for the feedback - no pun intended!

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We tried watching it tonight. Too many bells and whistles and special effects. Doesn’t seem like it’s about food at all. Not my taste - too las Vegasy!


From Eater-A Guide to Netflix’s ‘The Final Table’

Guardian Review

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I don’t like it, but I keep watching, whatever that says…

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Hmm. I haven’t started this and now I don’t know if I want to!!

I didn’t enjoy the first episode much - not sure what the hook is. Will try another one before I give up.

It gets slightly better as the number of contestants diminishes, but for a show about cooking they show so little of it in detail!!

Yeah, i had trouble holding interest with so little cooking, and so little information.

I started watching the first one and lost it when it started to look like a travel show.

Well I watched them all in a “binge” while traveling, and would gladly watch more! I should probably “get a life”, but what are the television alternatives? “Triple D”?

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Ugly Delicious!

I also liked the early seasons of Master Chef.

And Chopped is an all-time fave.

Thank you! I’ve watched them all several times…okay, not Master Chef.

And for Chopped, I mean ALL of them, SEVERAL times. Seriously.

Same with Beat Bobby Flay. Love that.

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I like Beat Bobby Flay. You know, he has toned down a bit - I guess he has nothing to prove anymore. I never used to like him but now I have respect for him - his good is great and he has discovered humility!