The Final Table - Netflix

After I’d watched all of The Final Table, Netflix sent an email alisting “What to Watch After The Final Table”. I’d already watched them.

I used to watch Too Chef reruns on Hulu. Still exploring Amazon Prime video but I think I’ve exhausted Xfinity on demand.

I’m sure there is a “Cooking shows you watch” thread somewhere, but while we are at times, I watch Delicious Destinations, and Chef’s Table repetitively as well.

I’m not so sure. I have seen chefs in a show, food in movies… Somebody can start one…


I did like the show more as the number of contestants dwindled. But I still feel like something’s missing. It’s not very soulful.

Who else has seen the finale?

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Me. Three times. :blush:

Maybe I’ll just skip to the finale!

Well I’ve watched ALL of it three times. At least.

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