The death of vegetarianism. Hurrah for the winner - veganism

Not at all sure what you might mean by that. My OP was about restaurant business practice in the UK. Are you suggesting that such subjects are not suitable for posting because they might elicit strong feelings?

If you wish, please start a thread about factory pig farms. I can do a full 30 minute rant (without hesitation, deviation or repetition) against them. Only high welfare pig products come into this house.

I’m in with you. Pig farms on the Maryland Eastern Shore are a big part of the demise of the fish and shellfish industry on Chesapeake Bay as nitrogen from runoff has diminished oxygen levels. I’ll need a little warning to get up to a 30 minute rant - research and footnotes you know. grin

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Slightly off topic but annoying to me: the amount of ignorance out there directly affecting choice. At checkout today, a sub-teen boy dashed up and added a candy bar to his mother’s order. She picked it up and demanded that he take it back. “It’s VEGAN! You’ll HATE IT!” She clearly had no idea what vegan involves but would seemingly allow him to buy junk mass produced, multiple ingredient candy. Some interesting products here.

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Not in any way defending the mother in question, my experience is that substitutes like Impossible and Beyond are pretty awful while focused (is there a better word?) products that aren’t trying to copy something with meat are better.


Indeed. My point was that there are “natureally” vegan foods that are quite alright, but that she hadn’t a clue about the product in question. But she probably wouldn’t have popped for Lindt or Dandelion.


This ^^^ 87,000 times. I’m 100% sure it was not the OP’s intention (and I in no way mean to suggest that this sort of topic should not be discussed, because it absolutely should), but it certainly tends to bring forth those posts. See also:

I’m neither vegetarian nor vegan. I just have trouble wrapping my head around some people’s need to mock others’ dietary choices.


Lol of course it’s a suitable topic. It’s a food board. What I made is called an observation. I have no “feelings” about this subject.

Happy Eating! Whatever you choose!


Right?! Am I wrong? Read the thread.

You are not. And I have. I’ve contributed to it, even!

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This has been discussed to death elsewhere, multiple times.

And also, the success of Impossible and Beyond would suggest there are many who find them extremely palatable - meat eaters among them.


The percentage is always insignificant until you’re one of the percentage.

With my issues I frequently look for vegan offerings because I know they won’t leave me miserable for 3 days…and I’m not vegan by any stretch.

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She’s probably not running home to make confit byaldi either.

I have a warped sense of humor. My comment about bacon was not meant to be mocking. The plate of ice picture WAS meant to be mocking of the fad diets. Here is another one: “Two Big Macs, large fry, fried apple pie, and a small Diet Coke.” Dip into the fora of professional cooks and you’ll become cynical also. People who order with all kinds of dietary restrictions and then order dessert and say “it’ll be okay.” I’m sick to death of self-diagnosed “Food Babe” conditions. Vegans in $600 leather boots. People who will eat chicken but not beef with no clue about farms. So yeah - that comes out.

I point the finger at myself as well. I’ve butchered meat from carcass but have not killed my own food (other than fin fish and shell fish). That bothers me.

Which gets me back to statistics. I don’t know your issues but I’ll bet based on the numbers that there are more people subject to them than there are vegans. You’d have more options if commercial outlets paid attention to the numbers instead of to the volume.

There’s nothing “warped” about the comment of yours that I quoted. It’s just a tired attempt to needle people who don’t eat like you do. I’ve certainly mocked people who eat ice cream with diet soda - myself among them. But I’m not a chef, so “Food Babes” or eaters of chicken but no beef have zero effect on me. Why waste time - or pixels - being bothered by them?


Maybe she just didn’t want to buy him a candy bar and that was the fastest response she could think of. (Someone in England once posted elsewhere that they told their toddler child that they couldn’t find “those hard-to-find AA batteries” for their very noisy and annoying toy.)


Dave, you get quote. of the year award! Bravo!

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No, this was a small market and the woman was loud. I watched her exclaim over and buy all kinds of junky food.

This may be my region’s most successful contribution to the development of society.


That would be me. I’m an avowed meat eater, but I like the taste of Impossible burgers. They satisfy a meaty craving the way a bean burger or whatever won’t, they don’t feel as heavy/greasy as a burger and you can get a good sear on them. Health wise they are lower in Cholesterol than beef, although higher in salt (but I don’t have high blood pressure, but can veer towards high cholesterol if not paying attention), so they work for me. To me they are their own thing. If I’m really craving red meat I’ll have a real beef burger.


Yep, what I like about the newer products like Impossible and Beyond is being able to achieve that sear. Love the snappy sear you can get on the Beyond Bratwurst.

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Cookie, I’m a moderate leftist, and there are bullhorns in the zealot part of this camp, which I’m also not fond of. But have you noticed that a lot of folks apply the label “woke” to literally anything that someone to the left of them evaluates in its historical or current state and believes we can improve upon it? Apparently, progress is to be scorned. As are progressives.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold