The Chef Show on Netflix

I have been enjoying it . John Favreau and Roy Choi host there own series . Set in los Angeles. Check it out.


My spelling . Omg


Only 1 episode in but its fun and Im getting hungry just watching. We are huge fans of the original movie and soundtrack.

Aren’t the claymation sections fun! Nicely varied guest appearance list.

I watched all of season one with eight episodes.

Working my way through. :grin: enjoyable!

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Watched the first one last night and we both laughed and really enjoyed it. The beignet “issue” was hysterical.


I’m excited about the tips slipping in each episode. No formal recipes but a ton of kitchen magic.

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Happy to find this heads up. I get some email that tells me about things to watch, but I lose track. Haven’t watched it yet but I will.

Finished the series and enjoyed the fun ride. Lots of helpful tips, I took notes. I’m not clear if a second season is planned since this was filmed while shooting the film but it kept my interest even if it was a happy accident project distributed by Netflix. Imagine getting trained by Roy!

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Thanks for the flag - really enjoying the casual tone of the show,

Jon Favreau is always entertaining, and Roy Choi is surprisingly down to earth and humble. Love how kind he is to Favreau and to the guests.

I’ve watched the Jonathan Gold and David Chang episodes, and they were nothing like what I anticipated - in a good way!

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I like that you took notes. That reminded me before the internet . I would watch all these cook shows , and have notes scribbled on various pieces of paper.

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Back in the day I was a tad Post It crazy. Now I use the notes app on my cellphone but I take notes all the time. My wife has been checking my pockets on laundry day for decades🤣

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Stuck in a hotel in Nashville (with no hot chicken :crazy_face:) and watching it.

I’m liking it, and liking the music, at least so far.

Roy Choi is SO much more likable than expected. He was “not my favorite” on Top Chef.

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Season 2 is avail on Netflix. Still entertaining.

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Just started watching. With Seth Rogen as the guest. Great show

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