The Butchers Block, Long Branch

I’d like to see this menu too.

Greg, maybe you can invite them to join HO.

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I will.

Hey all! Thanks for the invite. Have read all comments and value all your opinions! I will try to address all concerns in the post! I’ll start by saying Rockefeller’s, Tuzzios, Nunzios are Long branch classics and we admire the businesses they have built! They are all great spots and our mission is not to compete with them in anyway! As we just opened we decided to open with our simple lunch menu and actually keep our “marketing” at a minimum. A simple Instagram post as our opening was one too hopefully bring a “soft” opening. Our website is under construction and a landing page was created. We have several aspects to our store. Which includes a butcher shop that specializes in whole animal butchery , a locally sourced produce room, cafe and a dining room. We intend to try and deliver the freshest and best quality products. We respect Dutch prime and the old owners greatly but we felt that using outdated, foreign, and misleading products wasn’t our mission! Products of meat that were imports of Mexico are something we absolutely wanted to get away from as we felt they didn’t meat certain health standards. As well as sandblasting and cleaning up an unsanitary kitchen. With that being said, a $6.50 cheesesteak isn’t anymore possible. We do our best too keep our food costs low but unfortunately the costs of quality ingredients and products are costly. ( Yes the burger comes with fries , cooked in beef fat) . The menu shown is our lunch menu which operates with the market hours of 10am-5pm. But, our butcher will clearly state that anything within our butcher case will gladly be cooked to their likely by our chef. Anytime of the day. Thursday - Saturday we offer a “butcher to table “ dinner menu which is by reservation only. Apps , salads, charcuterie come out family style to being and then you can choose your protein from our butcher! Gratefully, Our opening weekend we booked up completely and have already begin filling future reservations. Would love to invite all of you in for a tour and can further explain our mission gladly. You can ask for Tom! I hope you have a great day, I will also send the criticism to the chef and make sure all changes and corrections are made! we have plenty of fixing to do and appreciate all of your insight ! Hope to see you all. Thanks . The 19$ fried chicken we use is prepared fresh to order using bell and Evans air chilled product ! But crown fried is fantastic as well, love seeing people support other local businesses ! Thanks.


Is it me, or did this just get really interesting? :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

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Thank you for taking the time to come join us here and give us further insight into your vision for your business. Just curious though, you mention a landing page for your website, care to share that with us? I did a good search for your name and it comes up with “The Butchers Steakhouse” in Allenhurst.
Do you happen to carry prime meat(s) and /or doing any aging?


It appears that their wholesale company distributes prime so I’m guessing they will serve it.

Hey Junior. Our website is Also can find us on Instagram @

attached is a photo our dry aging cases. All cuts in these displays are “Chairmen’s Reserve Prime”.

Add images here


I :heart: U

Thank you again for the follow up, I can assure you I will be by.

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Looking forward to it.

I have high hopes for this place. They are saying all of the right things.


So when are Hoin down at this place yo?

@Tomd1022 Welcome to the HO, Tom! I wish you the very best, I’m a big fan of meat and your loins look absolutely glorious!!


Is there a dinner menu? I only saw the one menu.

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And suddenly it’s a dating site. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


So a one hit wonder on Google is ranking this place up there with Peter lugers. :slight_smile:

Has anyone had dinner here?

I can’t paste the Google link but you can see this “stellar” review if you search Google. He certainly liked this place.

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google reviews is such trash. He also posted word for word same on yelp. that being said- the concept sounds cool; I hope they turn it around based on the cpl early reviews.

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I will say I’ve seen a few facebook friends, people whom I truly do know personally, eat here and give it thumbs up. Even my daughter asked me about it saying there was a buzz among her peer group, so word is getting around.

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So I called and the 4 course meal is on Friday and Saturday.

Tonight is taco Tuesday.

My office used to order at least a dozen meals each day from this place when it was Dutch’s, probably more.

Now it is radio silence…sadly.

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So I called back around 4 and spoke to a lady who told me they change the tacos each week. I wish I had more to go on with this place. I very well could be missing it, but I don’t see a dinner menu , any specials, many pics, etc.

Maybe they will chime in. I’m rooting for this place.

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Hey John, Appreicate your support and all the interest /concerns you seem to have in our place. We saw you reached out multiple times today and appreicate you taking time out of your day multiple times too do your research. I don’t see the huge concerns you have over the menu when the same place “Dutch prime” you used to order from multiple times a week never had a menu aside from the hand written piece of scratch paper. I don’t believe there was a menu either? Not sure what bothers you so much about our business but have offered multiple times to have you come down and gladly meet our staff and even offer a sandwich / lunch on us. If you are interested in dinner you can even make a reservation and see what our menu is, plan ahead as the reservation list for the pre fix you are interested in is at about 3 weeks. We also would even deliver to your offices of Inter Highway if need be. Keep rooting for us, we appreicate your support greatly.


Finally made it here yesterday for lunch. The place is spacious and comfortable, albeit a little hard to find, but it is worth the effort. The owner and all the staff are exceedingly nice, accomodating, and knowledgable. I loved seeing the meat dry aging right in front of me.

I had to try the cheesesteak. This was not your steakum griddled wawa cheesesteak. The meat was a good amount of quality ribeye, the onions were perfectly carmelized, the cheese sauce was like a house made cheesewiz, and the roll was substantial enough to hold it all. Great flavor. My only quibble was that I wish the roll was bigger so it would keep going into my mouth.

I had dropped my phone and cracked the lens and all the pics I took came out blurry. I took a few of the charismatic owner in front of the meat case and even a couple of the table next door’s amazing looking steak sliced tableside.

Would I make this place my go to lunch spot? Probably not as I can get good sandwiches and excellent pizza nearer to home. But I am definitley going to head here for dinner one night soon and get me one of those steaks.