The Burger Post - Houston Hamburgers

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I can’t believe we don’t have one, but I can’t find it if it exists.

Today I noticed a new burger joint going in on Memorial @ Dairy Ashford where a sandwich shop recently closed.

It’s called Joy Love Burger and has two other fairly new locations, Katy and Tomball. Looks like a winner.

I may have already talked about this somewhere, but after seeing Mom’s Diner (Lufkin) on Texas Bucket List we stopped in while nearby (sort of) and got the Mom’s Monster, add jalapenos. It was one messy burger due to the way it is chopped mercilessly while on the grill. It was good but I still like Ray’s Drive In for Lufkin burgers.

Had a burger lately?


Not quite sure what we don’t have.

It’s been a few years but Bellaire Broiler Burger does a great greasy charbroiled burger.

I’ve got a very medium rare cast iron burger penciled in for Wednesday using prime chuck from MY HEB.


The best burger in Houston is definitely not Five Guys.

I went for the first time the other day and got a double due to the small patty size, no cheese, no fries and an iced tea pushed 11 bucks tt&l it’s a one and done for me.

Despite the signs all over the place about how lovingly the burgers are cooked to juicy perfection and seemingly the darling of every small to mid-sized city in the US I received two dried out thin hockey pucks.


Yeah you do!


All man…the h town burger thread. You guys are killing me! Lol. I will be stopping by to check this thread out about every day. Come see the NJ burger thread. We can compare notes :slight_smile:


Some NJ footage from Wednesday night. I told my uncle to hold up and he then places the bun on top of the cheese and screwed the pic up. Oh well…one of the best burgers you will get anywhere. Pourhouse in Shrewsbury NJ. It’s so good you honestly dont need bacon with that cheddar sauce!

Do you guys do the large pub style burgers down there?

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I went once when they first came to town and had the same impression - dry. Much prefer Smash Burger.

Have you tried Tornado Burger? That one requires two patties, even for me, but I liked it a lot. The spicy version has jalapenos in the meat. I went to the one in Stafford, but there is one in your neck of the woods too, or used to be, on Long Point. The Tornado Taco is popular too.


Tornado Burger has morphed into a full blown Tornado Taco. I drive by every day and the burger place did no business but the taco place is doing really well, burgers are no longer served. Whataburger is just down the street and we prefer them anyway.

Our washer was on the fritz and we did some hard time in a Spring Branch washeteria and grabbed some tater tots while we washed clothes. We liked them and took to calling the place Tornado Tot but alas they’re no longer served.