The Black Swine - Sea Bright

Dined at The Black Swine with my DW last evening. They recently moved into a larger space next to Harry’s Lobster House. Everything was outstanding!

Welcome aboard. It’s nice to see you enjoyed it. What did you have and can you elaborate on your experience there? :slight_smile: and also on your trama post…let’s here some good details

Funny–I was about to say the same thing. I just went to their website and WOW is it busy.

So @Wizard2 what did you have/like??

Hey W2, welcome! Just curious, how did you make your way over here from Chow?

It was our first time & wasn’t your typical Saturday night with us arriving at 7pm for a 6:45 reservation in the middle of a mini blizzard. The manager came to our table, went over the specials & the entire menu. For apps, I chose a lentil soup with some kind of ground French sausage (special) & my DW, the meatballs. Entrees: me - ATLANTIC COD WITH GREEN CURRY AND VEGETABLES over jasmine rice; DW: crab cakes (special); Desert: shared the key lime pie. Everything was excellent! Since I am a highly experienced snow driver, I was the designated driver & didn’t finish my 2nd Dog Fish Head 90.

Realized that most local Chowhounders had defected a while ago. Just needed the motavation & time to join Hungary Onion.

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This is what my DW had to say: “We really enjoyed it here. And it’s not a “porky” place. Everything was beautifully made, beautifully plated and worth the drive in the snow. I should’ve taken a picture. Green curry cod–OMG-heavenly blend of flavors. We will be back.”

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BTW: To top off the evening, we came home & watched Burnt. Pretty good movie.

Interesting combo…I love all different curry flavors and I love cod. I am just not sure such a pungent flavor would pair well with such a delicate fish. I’m more into a little butter, salt, lemon.

This place needs to turn some lights on and do some advertising. I pass it all the time and it looks closed.

My DW tasted my green curry cod & said “heavenly”. You must try it!


Menu looks kind of limited, but you mention specials. Do they run a lot of those?

Also they score lower than the Sea Bright McClone on TripAdvisor(only 3.5 bullets out of 5), with most of the reviews mentioning service rather food as the issue.

Any problems with the service?

The service was fine & there was an average # of specials. As far as Items on the menu, I would have to believe that guantity would take away from quality for a place this size.

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Glad you made it here. I used to post on both sites but after some questionable deletions of my posts on Chowhound I decided they are not worth my contribution any more. It’s a shame because that was a great community. Hopefully the others will follow suit!


I’m ready to sue the bastard mods over there.

Criminal Negligence, and fraud for impersonating human beings.

Class action anyone?

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Wait what? Impersonating who?

The chowhound mods should be arrested for impersonating human beings.

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Nice review and Welcome good to see you!

The Black Swine has closed.

I assume for good and not the season correct?

Assume for good. Before Labor Day, my friend had a reservation for 10 on a Friday night. They found the place locked up with no explanation. The Facebook and website pages remain up as if the place is open, but the restaurant owners hadn’t posted anything since July 4. Yelp says closed. The chef and her husband (the sole server, often) have had legal problems in the past.