The Black Swine - Sea Bright

That’s actually what prompted me to ask you, I checked their web site and not a word so I thought it might be a seasonal thing and wanted to clarify if it was.

I understand the owners have moved back to the city or thereabouts (my daughter is friends with the owner’s daughter)

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anyone know if anything is planned for this spot- guessing will prob sit idle until at least spring to get ready for the summer rush…always good time to start…anyone have a good suggestion for this spot? I’d love to see a nice Cuban spot in the area since it looks like the RB one is never gonna happen, so why not here…
wonder what the current SB power rankings are at this point…

I saw a sign on it last weekend “coming soon” but I can’t recall it. Something kitchen I think… definitely not gonna be memorable IMO

I predict it is something along the lines of the black swine…just American food. I dont think a Cuban place would make it there. You need something pretty generic and “safe”…nothing ethnic or too unique. Look at tommys. That place is a gold mine! The food is just average and they have pizza and sushi. That covers most people that probably aren’t nearly as critical as we are.


Coming soon…O.A.K. (Ocean Avenue Kitchen) That is all we know so far.

Oooof. Name alone has me less than enthusiastic

Agree. Just dreaming. You’re right for most part need a place for maximum heads with minimum effort plus a liquor license. Bell I’d love decent upscale Mexican or a real wood fired pizza joint. Wood not coal.
Tommy’s just opened on Staten Island too I think same with birra vino. Maybe that will keep some of the riff raff away over the summer?

I think Tommy’s has been in si for a while or maybe I’m thiking of patrizias.

As for birra vino, I’m not sure how well small plates at high prices are going to go over on the island. At least the food is pretty decent.

There is a wood fire place in belmar. I haven’t been. Doughboys.

He is from SI so I believe you are correct but I’m not certain.

I think it opened just recently, located in the mall of all places. We chose shake shack instead.

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I really hope it isn’t one of those farm to table places. I just have never been to one and said “wow that was a great meal.” I’m all for supporting our local economy but it seems to come at a cost to the dish.