The big ole NJ Meatball Parmigiana Thread

This thread is all about that staple of Jersey Cusine, the Meatball Parmigiana sandwich.

I will be posting, with pictures, various meatball parmigiana sandwiches found in the Garden State, including a brief review.

Others are welcome to join in.

Today was Tavola Pronto in Fair Haven:

What’s Good: Bread was superb, rustic and nicely toasted (from Balthazar). Fresh Mozzarella. 4 big half meatballs on a 7 inch roll.

Not so good: Sauce, and or meatballs, could have used a kick. Fresh tomato flavor noticeably missing. Not enough sauce.

Price: $ 9.00 plus tax

Overall grade: B+

Would order again: Yes

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I like this thread. I love meatballs and meatball subs in general, but 95% of the time if I’m at a local Italian joint I’m going for a chicken parm over meatball.

Generally I only get meatball subs from only two sources:

  1. Quick takeaway chains like Quick Chek (it’s really hard to screw up a meatball sub)
  2. Ocean View bakery in Long Branch, because there’s literally a grandma making it and I can’t imagine anything being better than that.

I’m realizing that my life has been seriously lacking in the meatball sandwich department.


I have a weird relationship with meatballs and rarely ever get them on a sub. I’ll say Joanne’s meatball parm is probably my favorite but I rarely get them at restaurants/delis. So +1 for oceanview @joonjoon. Ive been going to her spot for over a decade…more like 13 years as I look back. A lot of people here have introduced me to great places, and I hope I have turned some people onto a cool local deli in the heart of long branch.

Vik can we open this up to other meatball topics or do your want to strictly stick to parm sandwiches? I say this because I’m on a meatball bender from hell but not sandwich-wise…if that is a word :slight_smile:

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I have yet to take a photo but the menu at Old Glory in Keyport includes an appetizer that is entree worthy. Two large meatballs stuffed with mozzarella cheese served on a bed of homemade red sauce and free brick oven toasted Italian bread with a dish of olive oil. I believe it’s $12. Enough for two.

The meatball parm with or without bread at Spirito’s in Elizabeth is old school, bar prep, but a childhood favorite.

Ferraro’s in Westfield serves my favorite meatball parm sandwich. I could eat one a week.

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Funny, there are few, very few items that I make that I honestly do not think I can get anywhere near the quality of anywhere else. I’m not nearly arrogant enough to believe that somewhere, someone, can’t make a better steak or chicken francese etc. better than me. That’s one of the great things about dining is I love tasting, enjoying and many times trying to replicate dishes I enjoy out.

Not with my meatballs. F’ you, F’ you and F YOU!! Noboy’s meatballs beat mine, and ass such I rarely can bring myself to eat them out. I just don’t want to bother being disappointed so you will NEVER see me order a meatball parm sub. Nope, not gunna do it!!

I will on occasion order a meatball appetizer in an Italian restaurant just to gauge my opinion of them. Rarely do they live up to my expectation, however as is the case with Christine’s, sometimes I am happily surprised and satisfied with their rendition.


next Ho-Down- meatball mixer at casa JV…I’ll bring the Andre champale and Mountain Dew.


NotJr’s magic meatballs … don’t ever think I will let you forget!
lol :wink:

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Now we’re talking. Sounds like a meatball battle is brewing. I’ll put my balls against anyone. Count me in .

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Don’t you have a warrant in Pensacola Fla for doing EXACTLY that? Some people just never learn. Although on behalf of @VikingKaj I’ll say: “Don’t threaten me with a good time”.


Meatball cooking contest? Yes please.

I’ve got balls - count me in.

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Looking forward to meatball parm reviews!


Happy Ho birthday/anniversary!!!

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Happy 1 year Anniversary @fershore!

I don’t know if this qualifies, but I had the meatball sliders at Osteria Cucina Rustica happy hour. They were housemade at least. I wouldn’t say the meatballs were bad as such, but a friend had praised them to no end so I was expecting more. For a place that also runs a joint with “Parm” in the name, the sauce and cheese could have been better as well.

Overall grade - C+

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Double zero … Fairfield is excellent IMO

A giant meatball or two made with a combination veal, beef and pork topped with a perfectly balanced house made tomato sauce and house made mozzarella tucked into excellent pizza dough bread redolent with the flavor of good olive oil.


Delete … repeat

We landed at Brando’s happy hour this week and our friends had already ordered the food…for $5, one of the plates was a pair of (huge) meatball sliders. DELICIOUS. The meatball was yummy and the sauce really ‘clean,’ which is my preference. I didn’t eat the bun, but everyone else was scarfing them down.

I later heard they have a FORTY-FIVE DOLLAR veal parmigiana. Um, NO. This is why I don’t generally go to places like this, but for happy hour? ABSOLUTELY. @joonjoon have you been? All of the HH food is $5, iirc, including the pizzas.

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So today my fellow ho-bags we have this delectable little beauty courtesy of Luigi’s in Lincroft:

What’s Good: Meatballs were very tasty, tomato sauce had a fresh zesty zing, and there was plenty of regular ole creamy NJ moozerell melted into everything.

Plus it came with FRIES.

Not so good: Six smallish half meatballs on a 7 in sub, could have used a couple more. Bread, while delicious and with lots of sesame seeds, could have been toasted more. A little crunch would have been nice.

Price: $ 7.95 plus tax, fries included

Overall grade: A-

Would order again: Yes


Sure, it’s a free forum, you can drop your balls in this thread.

Just don’t forget the sauce.

And photos please.

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