The Big Fat Nostalgia Thread For All

I think I do remember that one @winecountrygirl! AH was great, and I especially liked the little ending he always gave.

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Big ABBA fan, since I was a kid. Still have all the CDs and know all the tracks.

I did watch a few concert performances on video in my 20’s. Some stage costumes Agnetha Fältskog wore left absolutely nothing to the imagination! :innocent:

Both women have phenomenal voices.


I read the title including “Fat Nostalgia” and thought “I don’t need fat nostalgia, I’m still fat”.

My real nostalgia with food is mostly not literally about the food. I’ll have a memory that starts from some little detail like how the way my grandmother cooked chicken gave it a slightly different texture than how my mother did it, but mostly it makes me think of both of them and how different my mother and I seem to have become from how we were then, even though we probably aren’t.

Sort of like Proust, I guess, but half a page at a time.

This thread, as opposed to the media/ food topics ones, doesn’t necessarily include food.
At least if I can remember back to lambchop’s premise.
An exercise in isolation entertainment.

Yes, correct @bbqboy, just a place to remember better years and times than current ones, but food ok too! Although 2021 looks more hopeful in the long run, we still need some happy distractions…

Oh, never an ABBA fan, but it worked for me in the Mama Mia movie, in fact I loved it, but had to be coaxed to watch. :joy_cat: One bright spot to NOT being in the seventies, at least for me. But heck, on second thought, could put up with them…as long as I have enough patchouli oil :upside_down_face:

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After ABBA leaves the stage:


Haha… that’s gross. The background music is seizure-inducing, thank “god” for the close-captioning option. Boudain was so young and his weight was healthy.

Btw, I don’t know anything about modern ABBA like the musical and such. I did go see Bjorn Again at a disco when I was younger.

Swedish is one of my top 3 favourite best-sounding languages.

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Gross? It sounds like it surpasses the typical super burrito. The shrimp salad is over the top.

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I like shrimp salad, I like potato mash, sausage (they used hot dog), I like flat bread but the shrimp salad doesn’t belong here.

A similar monstrosity is this thing:

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The Dutch have Kapaslon; the Quebecois – poutine. Works for us too.

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Watched most of the ABBA tour video; you get bonus points for the nostalgia factor - it’s loaded! Thanks.

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Via Vintage Los Angeles

There were three things I could always count on whenever I stopped in to Nate 'n Al’s: A corned beef sandwich, new pickles, and Larry King.

Every morning they’d have a newspaper and those two bowls of blueberries waiting for him. Whether he showed or not. Nate’s will never be the same. Farewell Larry. We’ll miss seeing you around the neighborhood. :pray:


America’s diner’s signature breakfast honors Mr. Aaron:

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold