The best pizzeria in each of N.J.'s 21 counties |

(Greg Caggiano) #42

Awesome! Looks better than some clam pies I’ve paid handsomely for in restaurants.


I had a whitey at brothers for lunch before my trip on wednesday. It had been a while. Do you think vals takes the local white pie trophy though?

(Lost in translation) #44

In our area, my placement, totally arbitrary:

1 the Brothers

2 Pete & Eldas Carmine

3 Luigis Lincroft

4 Beach Tavern

5 Zonis

I have to confess that I have never eaten Val’s clam pie because we are usually getting her spicy lobster pie. I would have to try one to rank it.

I am really really a traditional thin crust non-artisan (wtf that means) kind of guy, so Brothers and Pete & Eldas Carmine are my favorites, hands down.

But that said, I have seldom met a pie I didn’t like around here (as long as it’s mom & pop and not the chaingang.)


I like zonis. They make some decent pies and obviously brothers kicks ass. I’ve been going there for 35 years.

As for the beach tavern, are you referring to the Monmouth beach place? If so, I didn’t even know they made pies.

(Lost in translation) #46

Yep, they have a surprisingly good clam pie on the menu.

It’s individual sized and at $19 it’s pricey has clams, leeks, lemon, parsley & garlic.

It does come with a view however and they used to have buck shuck east coast all day Sunday in the bar.