The best pizzeria in each of N.J.'s 21 counties |

(Greg Caggiano) #42

Awesome! Looks better than some clam pies I’ve paid handsomely for in restaurants.


I had a whitey at brothers for lunch before my trip on wednesday. It had been a while. Do you think vals takes the local white pie trophy though?

(Retired !) #44

In our area, my placement, totally arbitrary:

1 the Brothers

2 Pete & Eldas Carmine

3 Luigis Lincroft

4 Beach Tavern

5 Zonis

I have to confess that I have never eaten Val’s clam pie because we are usually getting her spicy lobster pie. I would have to try one to rank it.

I am really really a traditional thin crust non-artisan (wtf that means) kind of guy, so Brothers and Pete & Eldas Carmine are my favorites, hands down.

But that said, I have seldom met a pie I didn’t like around here (as long as it’s mom & pop and not the chaingang.)


I like zonis. They make some decent pies and obviously brothers kicks ass. I’ve been going there for 35 years.

As for the beach tavern, are you referring to the Monmouth beach place? If so, I didn’t even know they made pies.

(Retired !) #46

Yep, they have a surprisingly good clam pie on the menu.

It’s individual sized and at $19 it’s pricey has clams, leeks, lemon, parsley & garlic.

It does come with a view however and they used to have buck shuck east coast all day Sunday in the bar.

(Eli Paryzer) #47

Dom Nero from Esquire Magazine endorses Manco & Manco in Ocean County.
The Best Slice You’ve Never Tasted

“When I bite into a slice, I want the crust to audibly crackle between my jaws. Manco’s, like many along the creaky boards of the Jersey shore, is crispy like a potato chip. The sauce, notably tangy and sweet, is poured over the pie in an elegant circular pattern, breaking up the monotony of the typical slice by alternating sauce, then cheese, then sauce, all across a sturdy, not-too-thin foundation. Having experienced pizza all over Italy, I can tell you that Jersey boardwalk slices come closer to those dreamlike Under the Tuscan Sun pies than any of the upscale, critically-acclaimed spots this side of the Mediterranean.”

(Dan) #48

We only go to Val’s for the lobster pizza. My 91 yr old grandmother lives in town and goes once a month for that pie, always asks for charred crust.


I’m a big fan of Val’s. The lobster one is up to 27 bucks I think :frowning:

(Dan) #50

It makes grandma happy. She’s earned it.

Do you think the price increase is summer or product related? or both? Did other items also increase in price.
I’ll find out next week👍


That’s awesome that she eats lobster pizza. She has good taste!

As for pricing, I think it is just sign of the times. Stuff is ridiculously priced now. Mixed drinks now seem to start at 10 or 12 bucks now.

(David) #52

The thing for me about Val’s lobster pie is that it is really good. Even after all these years I am still amazed that I enjoy it so much. I rarely go anymore but, aside from the always rising prices, it hasn’t changed.

(Dan) #53

Granddad owned a marina in Tuckerton back in the 60’s. They lived in a trailer home on marina property during season and built their modest home in Rumson over a decade before moving in. As a kid, it was all hard work and very entertaining to hang with them. I still remember the Yoohoo machine in the marina cabin.


DeLorenzo’s in Robbinsville has a great sausage tomato pie but has a clam pie on their menu. Pizza Rustica has a pie called the gooch which is meatballs, sausage, pepperoni and bacon. Delicious

(Junior) #55

I don’t think I had the sausage tomato pie there, but after hearing about De’Lorenzo’s for so many years I was thrilled to find one very close to my son’s school. (Rider U) We went for lunch and while the pie’s were good, I didn’t think they were so exceptional to the near legendary reputation that they have. I will certainly go back, but I would never take a trip just to go there.


i agree. Though it is different then what can be found locally. I have tried Papa’s out that way also. They have a mustard pie which i didn’t like at all!
Santillio’s in Elizabeth makes great pizza but you have to tell him not to burn it or he will!

(Junior) #57

Funny after I hit “reply” my first thought was, well it is probably better than most “for the area”. lol

I grew up Middlesex county and our pizza representation was pretty strong. When I moved to Monmouth County 25 years ago the pizza game was pretty weak, but it has improved with time.

(David) #58

I found this on the internet and thought it fit. See if you can find the slice of pizza in the pic: