The best pizzeria in each of N.J.'s 21 counties |


Oh come on, admit it. The only reason you posted this is because ole Pesto picked Talulahs. :yum:

Actually, I posted it for discussion purposes, but I was thrilled to see that he picked not only the place, but also the exact pizza that I think is the best in the area! I :heart: The Beekeeper’s Lament!!

Yep. It’s a Paulie Gees pie, except there it’s called a Hellboy.

Paulie Gees is certified deelishus. I will have to give the locals a try, it will be nice not to have to schlepp to Brooklyn.

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So I have another major issue with the list.

Namely, there is no white clam pizza on the list.

That is just wrong.

A clam pie is uniquely Jersey Shore. So good. Deelishus.

I love clams but I’m not into them on pizza really.

On that topic can you, or anyone else, tell me about this pipe? This was the SECOND one my uncle dug up clamming in the navesink. It is definitely an Indian pipe from a deer antler. I’m trying to figure out what tribe it is from. It is hundreds of years old and I want to learn more about it. What did they actually smoke out of this?

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I can get behind a lot of these choices. My favorite pie, as well, is the Beekeeper’s at Talulah’s, although I preferred the dough at Razza’s, but Talulah’s toppings were superior.

For Sicilian style, I love Santillo’s in Elizabeth, particularly their margarita Sicilian topped with fresh garlic and oil, as well as Brooklyn Square Pie’s upside down Sicilian pie at their location in Manalapan.

For content, here’s a pie I had at Medusa’s in Asbury the other day, that was also very good:

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Looks more like a Dutch clay pipe than Indian, but I can’t really tell the texture because it is only a picture.

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It’s Indian Greg. I know that much and it is antler. I’m hoping someone here can introduce me to a historian that can possibly point me in the right direction. I’m not looking to sell it. I just want to expand my knowledge :slight_smile:

Bring it by the museum I work at. We have a Lenape exhibit. Maybe someone will know.

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You could also bring it down to the tour guides at Sandy Hook. They probably have found them on their tours.

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Where do you get a clam pie? I’ve never seen one in NJ.

@joonjoon Porta in AP had a clam pie on its rotating pizza menu either last summer or the one before. I know not very helpful to directing you to one today.

My buddy Steve always gets the square clam pie at luigis in Lincroft

As regards clam pies, in my hood here we have the Brothers, Luigis, Zonis and Pazzo.

I think B2 bistro also used to have one, but I haven’t tried this.

Beach Tavern in Monmouth Beach has a really good one. I usually hit the bar for the happy hour buck oysters and finish with a pie.

I also know that Pete & Eldas has a good one.

I’m sure if we start looking for these we will find more.

Does it have a supercharger hole? Asking for a friend.

No it doesn’t

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So lots of places have it… I’ve literally never seen anyone order it. I guess I need to get with the program!

It’s pretty popular at the Brothers. Maybe one pie in twenty, which is more like one pie in ten after you take away all the plain cheese pies.

How about the lobster pie at Val’s? Anyone ever have it? I’m wanting to get over there.

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