The best pizzeria in each of N.J.'s 21 counties |

(Tom T) #22

As far as clam pies go, I think the barometer starts at Frank Pepes in New Haven.

I like Zoni’s here.


Which ones do you like there? I like the margharita and buffalo chicken.

(Tom T) #24

Margherita and Stefano, which is Meatballs, ricotta, mozz, tomato and caramelized onions.


Ps, the reason it is so smooth is that it has been under sand and washed around for hundreds of years. sand bars change and expose it. It wears down like glass does. I’ll get in touch soon and head over to the museum. Thanks

(Retired !) #26

It’s ok. It’s not a white pizza and Val’s sauce is a little too tomatoey for me.

Good place to go for a drink…

(Retired !) #27

If you like Zonis you should try Beach Tavern. They are similar, but Beach Tavern has the view.

(Tom T) #28

I’ll keep it in mind, thanks


I’m at vals right now. The large lobster pie is up to 26.95. I’m starting with some old bay shrimp and a carton boat. Let’s see how that treats me.

(Greg Caggiano) #30

Take pics! They need to update their website. They said $21.95 last time I looked, which was only a couple of months ago.


I don’t want to sound cheap but at 27 bucks for a thin crust pizza, that is a little steep. This is coming from a guy that blows a lot of money on food lol. I could probably tank an entire large pie here. If you haven’t been, it’s like brothers. I think you would enjoy it but at the new prices, I think they are pricing themselves out of the market.

(Retired !) #32

Especially since the bar at Val’s is railed most nights.

They gotta be minting cash at that place.


I’m sure they are doing well. With 7 dollar pints of beer from Atlantic highlands, I think they are probably turning a profit.

To put it into perspective, I can get a meat stuffed pizza from rockafellers in LB for less than the Vals $27 lobster pie. That meat pizza won’t fit into my fridge, it tastes great, it is insanely heavy, and it can literally feed 4 starving guys with big appetites. Two slices and you are done… Ready to sleep done lol. In fact, one slice is kind of enough.

So at 20 the lobster pie was a novelty. I think at 27 they got too greedy. Then again Rumson is the wealthiest, or maybe second now, town in NJ so they might be on their game charging a lot.

(Retired !) #34

Zonis clam pie, the green stuff is arugula:

Arugula is not typical. But it’s a good pie.

(Mr met) #35

Always enjoy zonis. Good pies, good wings, and had a really good meatball parm hero there once too.

(Tom T) #36

I don’t recall there being that much arugula, or any, on the clam pie in the past. But it’s been a couple years since I’ve had one.

(Retired !) #37

Yeah the arugula was dressed with a little Evo and lemon juice.

I’m more used to parsley and Evo on the clam pie with a wedge of lemon on the side.

But it’s still a good pie with the arugula, the clams come through cleanly.

(Retired !) #38

Homemade White Cam Pie

Served with a Caesar Salad with Shaved Parmesan

(Retired !) #39

Brothers clam pie

With fresh parsley, fresh basil, Evo & fresh ground black pepper added


I bet if you got some fresh little necks and did them whole that would be good. Cook them up in a little butter and garlic. It would be hands down better than the canned stuff at brothers. …of course more money and you have to drive to highlands (or pay out the nose at food town or somewhere else.)

Or chop some clam up yourself. I think the fresh factor would really come through on this

(Retired !) #41

You know I love fresh clams. But as long as I have Tabasco, lemon and and an old butter knife, they usually don’t survive long enough to do anything more elaborate with them.

Slurping sound omitted.