The Best Mayo | Taste Test

We’re a Duke’s / Kewpie household.


Lacking the ham sandwich test which is the main thing I use mayonnaise for. :frowning:

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That TJ’s is ranked above Hellmann’s tells me I do not share the sensibilities of those judges.


The article starts with “They say you should never discuss religion or politics at family reunions.”

Nor should they include Miracle Whip in a taste test of MAYONNAISE because it’s not mayo, “tangy zip” or not. Which is why it ended up on the bottom.


Yeah, that inclusion gave me pause, too.

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My staple is Hellmann’s

But my favorite is Sir Kensington’s - how do you not include it in the test? :smiley:

Dukes for mayo on every thing, but…potato salad and Mac salad, only Miracle whip.

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I saw Heinz mayo here in the supermarket. Has anyone had it? Verdict?

I stuck with my trusted German brand, Thomy.

You’re in Germany now?

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Yup. Got here a week ago :slight_smile:


In the states. I choose either Best Foods or Hellman’s (my sister has a jar of Best Foods Olive Oil mayonnaise in the fridge and I like it.) In Japan I always used Kewpie because the other Japanese brand of mayonnaise found there was Ajinomoto. I did my best to avoid their products because, at least in the vernacular in Japan, “Ajinomoto” literally means “MSG” and though I don’t have any adverse reactions to it, I don’t crave it or the unnecessary sodium it adds.

I would occasionally buy a small jar of Best Foods or Hellman’s mayonnaise (expensive!) in Japan to make American-style potato salad or tuna salad there, but for Japanese food, especially okonomiyaki or takoyaki, I prefer Kewpie.


But Kewpie also has MSG added in Japan

Yes, but ALL mayonnaise made in Japan has it…it’s inescapable and making my own mayonnaise was not an option. BTW, Kewpie in the US has MSG, too…it’s just masquerading as “yeast extract”.

In general, I just did and continue to do my best to avoid any products made by Ajinomoto as I look upon them as being the equivalent of Nestle in terms of nefarious activities both in Japan and especially abroad.


What type of nefarious activities ?

Such as?

@ricepad & @honkman

It’s a personal preference not to support them and much of what I know and dislike about them comes from my experience with them in Japan.

And I know, I absolutely do that PETA is also an organization with major issues, but this is all I’m going to post for now.

(BEWARE! We’ve LOTS of animal lovers here and opening the above link WILL upset you!)

I’m not into bringing controversy into social media and don’t feel like doing it here (even though HO might not be seen as “social media”.)

If need be, I’ve no issue with deleting any comments/posts I’ve made here that may have ruffled any feathers among members.

‘Salad Dressing’ is not mayonnaise!


As you said Peta, even though supporting animal rights in general, is a quite controversial organization. The link you provided has a lot of dubious claims, starting from “controversial food flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate (MSG) (which is their normal m.o. to “convince” people by utilizing popular but unproven or false “facts”). I also don’t see why they single out Ajinomoto on animal testing which is done also in other food companies.

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Got anything that does not track back to PETA? My brief Google search comes up with nothing other than “PETA says this” and “According to PETA…” I just don’t find them credible.

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The fact that Kewpie and Miracle Whip are not Nos. 1 and 2 respectively makes this taste test meaningless to me.