The Best Mayo | Taste Test

I mean Nestlé’s ‘practices’ are common knowledge at this point, no?

No PETA links necessary.


Even the mention of Miracle Whip makes my stomach turn.


I’m pretty loyal to Hellman’s but TBH I don’t really eat enough of it to make tasting others worth my while. Also have a little container of Kewpie’s that gets used periodically.

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Home made is so easy to make and tastes so much better than some preservative/MSG/salt etc laden store bought version.

From the article itself:

" Of course, nothing compares to the homemade stuff (especially when you use our two minute foolproof recipe!)"

We’re all aware that homemade mayo is superior.

However, this thread isn’t about homemade mayo, but a taste comparison of mayonnaise readily available on any given day at any given supermarket, some of which (Duke’s, Kewpie, et al) are quite popular with our members here.

Besides, I don’t have any issues with salt and/or MSG.


I opened the jar of Duke’s I bought last year and did my own taste test with it vs. Best Foods. I could not tell a difference.

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Agree. Miracle Whip has its place, but it is not mayonnaise and should not be part of this test. Much like Cool Whip vs. whipped cream.

I also think it’s silly to universally state that “nothing compares to the homemade stuff,” because there are plenty of homemade mayo recipes that don’t taste good at all (also, both execution and the quality/flavor of the ingredients are dependent on the cook). Also, homemade mayonnaise does not perform like commercial mayonnaise in certain applications where stability is important (deviled eggs, tuna salad and the like). I certainly enjoy a well-executed homemade mayonnaise made with a tasty fat and acid as a dipping sauce for fries or a sandwich spread, but for use in recipes, commercial more than “compares,” it outperforms. Especially the heavy duty stuff (Hellman’s Extra Heavy is my favorite).



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Not to mention spoilage.

Middle of the road. I doubt they’d score higher than Duke’s or Hellman’s. I love Kewpie, but my regular mayo is boring Aldi’s Burman’s. I feel Burman’s is better than Heinz. That’s me, though.

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What about Cain’s? Does it not get distributed out of the northeast? IMO the best bottled mayo around. Hardly ever see in mentioned around here.

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It’s very New England-centric. I tried it; liked it - but prefer Dukes now. Cains’ distribution was also not as broad as others; they closed their Ayer, MA plant in 2017. The 2nd article said “The Cains brand will continue as a Northeast regional product.”

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