The Best BBQ Sauce is... Walmart's House Brand?


Everyone has their own tastes, but AFAIAC it often needs to be different depending on what you use it on… therefore the only bottle in my fridge is Stubb’s Original.

Now I rarely use it straight out of the bottle, but it is an excellent base to work up exactly what I want.


The Washington Post has been doing a whole series of major supermarket brands. Best pasta sauce, etc.

So the competition is limited to companies who can pay for the shelf space. It is not about the best that is easily available to you if you put even the tiniest bit of extra effort.

The whole series is a waste. All of this stuff is cheap and prevalent enough to make up your own mind.

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Manifestly not, if the shopping selection is among those evaluated. But I was surprised the Walmart entrant beat out more pricey labels.

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Often the case in blind tasting surveys that name-brand stuff comes out last or near the bottom while stores own-brand versions come out at the top.

Do you recall any other specific instances of this?

The Walmart boxed yellow cake mix also came out on top earlier this year in the same series. Walmart didn’t fare as well in the marinara sauce or vanilla ice cream comparisons :woman_shrugging:

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It is a common feature in the programme Eat Well for Less made and broadcast in the UK by the BBC. One of the manufacturers that regularly comes bottom in these blind taste tests is Heinz Kraft.

Thanks, y’all. Bought two bottles today. Hope it’s good. Walmart Superstore was a zoo today, July 3. SCREAMING kids, worn-out mothers.


Nothing wrong with WM brand barbecue sauce. I think a lot of people put more stock in name brand BBQ sauces than they should.

I buy whatever’s cheapest and doctor it up. The one I’ve liked right off the shelf was Cookie’s. I’ve come to the sad conclusion that the sauce flavor to price is inverse. The more I’ve spent on them, the shittier they got. If I’m too lazy to make my own, I’ll grab a cheapo and doctor or Cookie’s.

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I’ve never heard of Cookie’s.

That is interesting to think about! There seem to be so many local brands that I’m not sure which ones are “name brands”. I think of Hunt’s and Heinz. Maybe KC Masterpiece, Stubbs and Sweet Baby Ray’s? A local brand around here is Kinder’s. When it comes to Alabama white, North and South Carolina styles, are there national brands?

An Eater link in another thread says there are about 5 “types”, and various brands of that “type” include the same ingredients.


Have it my WalMart.

Try it if you find it. Something special in there. Just a tad more smokey, but I don’t get liquid smoke out of it. Different kind of sauce, IMHO.

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Taking SC mustard and NC vinegar sauce out of the picture, there’s a place in Cincinnati called the Montgomery Inn that has some of the best tomato based sauce I’ve had. Stores in the Cincinnati carry it and available online.