The 2022 Thanksgiving Thread!

I’ve had dinner a few times at The Little River Inn, every meal was excellent!

@shrinkrap I reported on the mini quiche bites / impossible quiches here. I don’t stock bisquick, so I made a substitute.

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Is this a product or a recipe? I was planning to just make it from scratch. Bread, onion, celery, thyme, butter, chicken stock. I’m guessing if I get the texture right, I can still do the balls? 1/4 cup size ish. 20 minutes. Temp? Thanks so much!

(We do balls from scratch, absolutely. My recipe is like yours PLUS egg to bind. I think what was meant was Whole Foods version of Stovetop product.)

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What temp do you use?

somewhere in the 350 range. the bread’s moisture content has to be monitored. i usually keep it covered, then check it once it’s heated through to see if the oustide needs crisped up.

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Whole Foods mix of bread cubes and seasoning, You can make your own, just mind the liquid.

I’ve said this in several places, I don’t use eggs because I can taste them and don’t like the muddying of flavor. Ymmv. (I don’t have any trouble binding given that bread is gummy when wet.)

I baked at 350 for about 20 mins in advance this time, and reheated at 400 to brown. Open both times, no moisture issues if you mind it while hydrating the bread.

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A long time ago I stopped mixing with eggs, much prefer it without.

Could I be lazy and get a similar effect with a shallow baking dish?

My vote is “yes”. That’s what I often do, and particularly in the case of reheating the leftovers.

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I also make stuffing in a shallow dish frequently.

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In soooo many ways, yes :joy:

One way is to use a cookie or ice cream scoop and line up stuffing scoops on a baking tray.

Another is to do the same, into a muffin pan

For a similar effect in a baking dish, I would suggest using a size larger baking dish than you think you need, and “cut” the stuffing up like brownies, creating a bit of separation, so the center doesn’t get soggy.

(What’s different about stuffing balls is that the ratio of crispy, exposed bits to moist / often gloppy when in the middle of a baking dish “inner” stuffing is a lot higher, because they’re browning all around. Like why those people invented the brownie and pans with so many dividers for more crisp edges :laughing:)

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