The 100 Best Restaurants in New York City in 2024

Like last year, this isnt really any kind of a league ranking, the choices are so diverse, and the ups and downs seem rather random, but I appreciate the effort. There are a number of these that are on currently on my list to try, including Lagman Express, the Uiygur place in Bensonhurst, Foxface and Mam’s and some new inspirations, for example CheLi , Forever Jerk, one of the three Peruvian places , the Village Cafe Azerbaijani on Coney Island Ave, Cka Ka Qellu, or several Korean places - what sparks your curiosity?

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I really liked Foxface, Village Cafe, and Cka Ka Qellu.

Some of the ones I hope to try to this year are La Piraña Lechonera, CheLi, Trinciti Roti Shop, Casa Mono & Bar Jamon, Eyval, Zaab Zaab, Atoboy, Misi, Forever Jerk, Don Peppe, Mercado Little Spain, Great NY Noodletown, Txikito, Falafel Tanami, Barney Greengrass, Abu Qir, Birria Landia, Hainanese Chicken House, Ayat, Kafana, and Randazzo’s Clam Bar.

I know that list of 21 is way more than we can reasonably hope to get to in the limited time available, but Wells makes all of them sound tremendous. All reasonably cheap places, which is a real plus for Pete Wells’ lists.

We have a love/hate relationship with Village Cafe. I love it, she hates it.

Its such a bizarre ranking. How do you rank the best apples, oranges and toasters in one list. But I prefer it over a listing of just high end places.

Good for Foxface. Agree with the Scarr’s dropping. I think it lost its luster and now a tourist trap. But I dont understand dropping Ramirez. They make 6 tacos the same way they did last year and the year before (I think).


I’m not sure about the Times’s designation of Laghman Express as Uyghur. The restaurant itself doesn’t use that name, although it does tag some of its Instagram posts with #uygurcuisine and #uighurfood. (There are many spellings. Laghman Express has also used the tag #kazakhcuisine, in a nod to the owner’s previous home.) Likewise, I’d say that the restaurant is in Mapleton, not Bensonhurst, but perhaps we could say both. It’s another case of fuzzy boundaries.

All that aside, I’d really like to try Laghman Express when four-five-six of us can get together.

yes, let’s go. we leave town May 7 & the next 4 weeks are filling up so let’s get a date in the books asap. Their website says they’re closed Mondays and that the kitchen is open 2pm - 8pm. We’re available April 13,14,17,19,23,24,28,29,30, then May 1,2,3. So - lunch at 2pm? Dinner?

For me, lunch is better. April 23, or on or after April 28, are good.

>=Apr 28 for me, would prefer not on a Sunday but could make it work. How about Apr 29?

I think its Uyghur. To me one way to tell is dry Laghman (Uyghur) offerings vs Laghman in soup only (Uzbek). The former is closer to Chinese noodle dishes and something Uzbeky places dont usually do. Of course, as my wife would tell you, I may be wrong about this one too.

Dave/vinouspleasure: They are closed on Mondays, so Sunday the 28th or Tues the 30th are doable for me. Which would the 2 of you prefer?

I prefer the 30th but I’m flexible.

If its lunch i could do the 30th. I havent eaten uyghur and this place is on my wish list . Would enjoy 1230 or later if possible.

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Lunch at Laghman Express on Tuesday, April 30, sounds good. Since the restaurant has a “time out” from 1:00 to 2:00, as you noted, Steve, I reckon that we can eat just after.

Ok, I think we’re on for a late lunch on Tues 4/30 at 2:30pm. So far it’s me, my wife Ginny, Jen K., Dave & Mr. Vinouspleasure (+1?). Anyone else?

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I’m prob not +1, I think @Saregama is a yes.

Thanks @vinouspleasure – right now it looks like I can make that work.

@SteveR Suggest separating this to a new thread.

And this one to follow up:

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New thread started. Please respond/comment there. thanks.