Thanksgiving Novelties?

So, we are guests for a family Thanksgiving two days hence. When we asked, we were invited to bring a vegetable (This may refer to me). I remembered we had a bag of Trader Joe’s “Thanksgiving Stuffing-Flavored Kettle Chips”, so the plan is to arrive and present the bag. The real vegetable will either be holding the bag or retrieve the creamed spinach from the car.

This all got me wondering what other Thanksgiving mischief is possible. For instance, I’m told there is a thing called “flock” made from chicken skin. Well, what about turkey skin? Sweet potato icecream? A greenbean Tom Collins? An eggnog viniagrette? A sweet tofurky pie topped with cranberry creme fraisch?

Just punking tradkition. Carry on. And Happy Thanksgiving.



What about bringing a can of turkey (dog food) for the main dish?


Maybe better bring your own bowl with that :grin:

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Sweet potato ice cream would be delicious.


Jones Soda has had meal-flavored sodas for years. Yes, including stuffing and green bean casserole.

This year has figgy pudding Spam and candy corn in some sort of odd flavor I don’t remember


Salt & Straw’s seasonal ice cream flavors, pick up a pint!

I tried the turkey cranberry, it was not meaty at all, the turkey bacon brittle was far more candy than turkey. I would have made it much more offensive :upside_down_face:


It has been years in the making, but I have developed a reasonably healthy menu that is not heavy and bland but is still hitting the major traditional elements. That seems pretty novel to me.

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And bless the ice cream shops that make non dairy offerings


That’s great.

For me, Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday feast, probably THE one for which I have the least concern about the health aspects and overeating. Thirds on spuds and stuffing, pecan pie, and maybe even a midnight turkey sandwich.

C’mon, without this feast’s excesses, there’d be no need for Buffet Pants!


I’m making this. Have been looking for a way to use up some mini marshmallows and this is it!

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I’ve always liked pumpkin ice cream (rare in Canada), as well as cinnamon ice cream (also rare.) Noticed Gingerbread Ice cream this week.

Cinnamon ice cream is a favorite for me, too. When I was in college and waiting tables, the diner next door had an apple dumpling served with cinnamon ice cream.

We’d close the pizza place and go next door for dessert several times a week (calories? I was 17 and had been running ragged for 6 hours with no dinner)


Thanksgiving is the day for butter! Probably for the 2 of us, a year’s worth. And I have an appointment Monday with my cardiologist. YOLO, right??


Oh crap. I’d find an excuse to put it off another week.

You might scare the #$!!@$!! right out of her or him.

I was listening to a food podcast the other day and they mentioned sweet potato ice cream AND sweet potato vodka. Color me intrigued. Unfortunately, the vodka is only sold in the state of Arkansas…

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