Thanksgiving 2021

I hope this works because it was really interesting.
Sauerkraut for Thanksgiving is outside my experience.
Mac and cheese too.


Boo hoo - I can’t read it without subscribing.

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Paywall again, but thanks anyway - really interested in this type of stuff.

Just weird because I don’t have a subscription but when I try and share the paywall rears up. :frowning:

Frustrating, for sure, but I can usually find a back door, so thanks for posting and bringing to attention the topic!

Worked for me two different ways:

  1. the paywall popped up, I went to the url bar and reloaded - article showed
  2. right clink the link above here that @bbqboy posted and copy it, then paste to the url bar in the browser - article shows without the paywall
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Take a screenshot and post that if you can

Maybe I’ll make bigos this Thu, since I had turkey on Cdn Thanksgiving.


This link is supposed to be a “gift” from my Washington Post subscription;


Well, that article is a gift—thank you! Who hasn’t thought some of those things if it’s ever been your job to get the turkey on the table, LOL.


Thanks for sharing your gift with us @shrinkrap!

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Absolutely hilarious and so true!! Thanks @shrinkrap!

I did a turkey breast and all the traditional fixings last year (thinking of it as self-care as I recall) and was reminded that not only is the turkey the weakest part of the meal on the day but then there are All Those Leftovers to reckon with. This year, duck. Visiting the farm tomorrow…


Just say no!


This is about where I am right now - had our first martini, ordered lasagna and a salad for dinner from our local place. We’ve spent days cooking and chopping. Oyster dressing in the lineup for tomorrow - the best part of Thanksgiving. I don’t put tarragon in this recipe but do use fennel. A tablespoon of Bell’s and half cup of parsley will be the herbs. Lost my mojo late afternoon and the pumpkin pie will have to be made in the morning before the turkey goes in the oven…


That is too too funny! And of course served with a big glass of sticky red punch, or milk.

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We usually order Chinese the night before Tday, lol. This year we decided to push the big meal to Friday because I wasn’t able to take today off to cook. Luckily, it was a VERY light day and I work from home, so I got a lot done anyway! Tomorrow will be crab cakes and olive cheddar puffs with mimosas while we watch the parade and dog show, then we’ll have turkey, stuffing and pie on Friday. I feel like this schedule could become a tradition!


No Chinese take-out where we live. I just learned about the dog show and am psyched about watching that - in a separate room from football…


I’m making

at the MIL with a Vintage KA stand mixer!



Wow, that looks beautiful, and nice rise too! Perfect golden color.

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