Thank you food

I’m scratching my head over this. Plenty of ideas - no shortage of ideas. I thought this might be fun to talk about. Definitely homemade.

We have had trouble finding an auto mechanic we really trusted and liked. We’ve finally found someone about half an hour away but just a couple of miles from my sister-in-law. These guys are so good it’s worth the drive. For PBS fans, Motorweek’s Pat Goss has two shops here in Maryland. Pat’s partner Anthony Weber runs the store in Odenton MD and his team is outstanding. Anthony and I just figured out through LinkedIn that his mother used to work for me (five years about twenty years ago). I want to take something for the mechanics next time I stop by. This could be for anyone you just want to say “thank you” to.

Chocolate chip cookies are easy. Rice Krispies treats (although we don’t usually stock Rice Krispies). Homemade bread as toast points and homemade hummis. Guacamole, salsa, and chips. A tin of mac & cheese. In my particular case I want something the mechanics and front office can share and graze off of but in the more general thank you case casseroles like lasagna and tuna casserole are, to me, nice thank yous. My wife’s mother’s family refrigerator pickle is always a hit but fifteen pints seems like overkill. grin Deviled eggs. Pigs in a blanket. A cheese tray seems overkill for auto mechanics but is a good thank you.

If you want to say thank you what food comes to mind for you?

Nice idea but…
My mechanic just started following a vegan diet and his lovely bride is trying her hardest to join him rather than keep a two party kitchen household. Knowing this, I would not go homemade. I don’t know that I would thank a service provider no matter how terrific with a homemade gift because I don’t know their eating habits well enough.

A jarred, bottled or packaged item I would buy if I knew more about their fav food kinda thing.

Breakfast food! A bake of eggs, bacon, crunchy toast bits, peppers onions or maybe spinach, cheese.
Bagesls and cream cheeses,
There is a wonderful egg bake recipe in the Jerusalem cookbook.

Quiches and a baguette.
I do love breakfast anytime of day.

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Spiced nuts are a popular gift here. You can make them vegan if you sub Maple Syrup for honey. You can also make them gluten free and leave out peanuts.

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I will suggest a simple talk to see the preference of food.

I don’t know, it seems mechanical people need to work quite hard, they will probably like high protein or high carb food. Some good charcuterie with some great bread? Cured ham or sausage will go well with pickles. Bring beer and drinks, I think they might prefer that than food.

I think easy to share is important too. Do they have to close the shop when you arrive? You want to be a proper meal or just nice snacks to chat a bit. Some food are difficult to eat without sitting down. Or some people might want to eat later, or they aren’t available for the moment.

I will also have a preference for comfort and hearty food. Food that are familiar to them than something exotic and new to them. Some homemade pizza or tartine might be an idea. Maybe bring some fruit tarts and chocolate cakes.


Lol, when the electricity and wood people finished working on our house, we asked the boss, what would they like as gift? Boss said whisky and it has to be William Peel!!! We got them a few bottles and they quitted early for a happy weekend!!!


@Auspicious, the very last line of @naf’s post. After much, and I do mean a lot of setting up events at various jobs in the past, I’ve found you can’t please everyone and shouldn’t have to even try. There will always be the complainers and outliers. I would take in homemade sweets, but ample enough for them to have a couple pieces each. A large pan of brownies, a large old fashioned cake - Red Velvet or Carrot w/Cream Cheese frosting, Old Fashioned German Chocolate cake w/ Coconut-Pecan Frosting, cupcakes, 2-3 homemade pies, or even from Costco’s excellent bakeries. Yes to cookies, maybe some with nuts and some without, or a couple different kinds.

I used to take in a lot of this type stuff, even while working for the Health Science company, where everyone but the manufacturing sector purportedly ate very healthily. (Not to stereotype, but generally speaking) Sometimes I turned my baking failures into successes by making them into something else. I will tell you, every single piece or bite of something like that always, but always, got eaten. If I’d be seen walking in the door with something, people would follow me into the lunch room to claim their share for whenever. Stuff was often completely gone by the time some people took their 1st breaks. I swear we must have had closet eaters there too, as things would kind of mysteriously disappear…oh maybe a couple old fashioned coffee cakes, people love Bundt cakes and they’re easy to self serve. Maybe take in some paper plates and plastic forks, depending. Or the eco approved alternatives. Just my experience only, and unfortunately I’ve been around the block a few times. My reply may be totally different if I were a couple decades younger, which I wish I was! Most truly. Hope this helps.


Oh yes, we gifted our contractor with his favorite alcoholic libation, a large bottle of Crown Royal. Always give him one at Christmas, along with Greek pastries, which he loves, also. He’s been with us for three major remodels now, getting ready to start up another.


Maybe in US they have sweet tooth. I don’t know, I suppose there are more guys than girls as mechanics? I’ve come across a lot of men, indifferent to sweets.


Very true!! At least the owner couple has to be happy. Or maybe something in box or bags that they can take home to enjoy with families.

A smaller target is often easier.

I’ve noticed when someone bought some treats in office, breakfast breads, viennoiseries and coffee always work. Or hot dogs and sandwiches.

If anything, I’ve found gender doesn’t matter too much, but sometimes notice women taking smaller pieces @naf.

Personally, I will make food gifts to people I really know. I will rather buy for people I don’t know that well. If they become friends later, that’s another story.

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Actually people during this time may even be more comfortable with purchased food. The reality, here in the US, in my experience,has been that food service workers are often pressured to come to work when sick. Often that pressure is economic for many food handlers as they need to pay bills, and the pay and benefits, (if any) tend to be low.

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What is that?

I think thank you food depends on knowing who your thanking. Knowing what who you’re thanking would like (and what you are willing to give with “an open hand”) might be the “secret”.

I got nuthin’.

Take your point, I made my suggestions based on taking food for a staff of unknown mechanics. I would of course tailor thank you food for people I know well to their tastes and dietary choices, including GF, Vegan, Dairy Free, etc, and specific to any allergies. Glad I could clarify.

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I’m lucky to have a dozen options within a half dozen blocks, so a big box of assorted hot dim sum and pork buns would be very welcome mid-late morning. Package of paper napkins, small plates. 20 bucks = feast!


Understood, and thank you ( but no food with that)!

I was sort of thinking of the @Auspicious’s original question; “If you want to say thank you what food comes to mind for you?”

I am so wanting to get a contractor to help me build my greenhouse. Why is this so hard? I can do a good food thank you.

Any Seinfeld fans? Remember that episode when Kramer knew Elaine wanted a “bench” and Jerry gave her money?

I should have left on a high note.


How big is the shop? How many people?

A beer and and a shot for Joe . My master mechanic. Oh and jerky for his precious dog happy . See you Saturday at the vets club Joe .

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Two front office staff, seven mechanics. Three of the mechanics have worked on our cars. They all remember my name which surprises me since we aren’t in all that often.