Thai Red Dragon Fruit or Pithaya (Mexico) - Any one with Savoury Recipes ?

Has any one ever stuffed a Thai Red Dragon fruit with prawn salad ?

Any body have some other Savory Suggestions ?

Glad to be home sweet home in Barcelona …

Here is a tiny dessert with Mexican White Pithaya and rasberries and pastry with Mango and an Italian Cookie …


What a beautiful presentation!
This seared tuna with dragon fruit salsa looks like nice savory use of dragon fruit.

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@Barca Not a savory recipe, but I think you could pair it with a lot of different things, especially where you want to add a crisp texture. To me, as beautiful and exotic as it looks, I don’t find that it has a lot of flavor. Do you? I’ve only had it once however. :blush:

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Wow, is that your photo?

Maybe a salad with mango, and some seafood with shells like scallop or prawns…?

Unfortunately can’t help much, I’m not particularly inspired by this fruit, though it looks better than its tastes .

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@paryzer, @naf, @Lambchop,

Firstly thank you for the récipe link, Paryzer. Looks exceptional and the compliment on the tiny dessert.

Naf, fantastic suggestions ! Prawns, and Mango are a lovely pairing with Pithaya.

Lambchop: I think it depends on the ripeness and other agricultural aspects. The Thai Red Dragonfruit, is splendid … Lovely and refreshing.

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I live in Chiang Mai and have only seen dragon fruit used in a savory dish once. “B Samcook Home 16” is one of the top restaurants and my personal favorite. They do a duck leg with mixed berry sauce on dragon fruit. I’m not sure how much the dragon fruit really adds. I’d eat this dish without it.
I find dragon fruit is almost tasteless.


agree wholeheartedly
It looks fantastic, but taste wise, not worth anything , m opinion!


Truly lovely …

I enjoy dragon fruit it in salads and prefer the Thai red Dragon fruit to the Mexican Pithaya …



Definitely pairs amazingly with prawns and mango … and dark or black chocolate
too !! and other seasonal fruits too …

Or in desserts with mango …

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