Thai Red Dragon Fruit or Pithaya (Mexico) - Any one with Savoury Recipes ?

Has any one ever stuffed a Thai Red Dragon fruit with prawn salad ?

Any body have some other Savory Suggestions ?

Glad to be home sweet home in Barcelona …

Here is a tiny dessert with Mexican White Pithaya and rasberries and pastry with Mango and an Italian Cookie …


What a beautiful presentation!
This seared tuna with dragon fruit salsa looks like nice savory use of dragon fruit.

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@Barca Not a savory recipe, but I think you could pair it with a lot of different things, especially where you want to add a crisp texture. To me, as beautiful and exotic as it looks, I don’t find that it has a lot of flavor. Do you? I’ve only had it once however. :blush:

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Wow, is that your photo?

Maybe a salad with mango, and some seafood with shells like scallop or prawns…?

Unfortunately can’t help much, I’m not particularly inspired by this fruit, though it looks better than its tastes .

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@paryzer, @naf, @Lambchop,

Firstly thank you for the récipe link, Paryzer. Looks exceptional and the compliment on the tiny dessert.

Naf, fantastic suggestions ! Prawns, and Mango are a lovely pairing with Pithaya.

Lambchop: I think it depends on the ripeness and other agricultural aspects. The Thai Red Dragonfruit, is splendid … Lovely and refreshing.

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I live in Chiang Mai and have only seen dragon fruit used in a savory dish once. “B Samcook Home 16” is one of the top restaurants and my personal favorite. They do a duck leg with mixed berry sauce on dragon fruit. I’m not sure how much the dragon fruit really adds. I’d eat this dish without it.
I find dragon fruit is almost tasteless.


agree wholeheartedly
It looks fantastic, but taste wise, not worth anything , m opinion!


Truly lovely …

I enjoy dragon fruit it in salads and prefer the Thai red Dragon fruit to the Mexican Pithaya …



Definitely pairs amazingly with prawns and mango … and dark or black chocolate
too !! and other seasonal fruits too …

Or in desserts with mango …

I’m not certain I can tell the difference between Thai or Mexican dragonfruit / pitaya offhand, but I do think the red fleshed ones are much sweeter, and I prefer them. They are so sweet that I can’t imagine them with a savory food, except in small quantities. With that being said, I can imagine that pairing it with seafood and maybe some strong leche de tigre might be yummy in a ceviche.


@kobuta’s post made me think of poke, they might be really good in that as well.


They look quite a bit different.

The red dragon fruit from Thailand is shaped similar to an aubergine / eggplant has a White interior with the black edible seeds similar to a kiwi.

The Mexican Pithaya is usually a golden yellow or a deeper red tone with a red interior or possbily White as well and / or is White on both the interior and exterior and is quite a bit smaller, and not quite spherical but not quite oval.

In Columbia the Deep red Bordeaux colored both interior and exterior Dragon fruit is called “MARACUYA” and it is used primarily in “milk shakes” …

The Mexican

That’s interesting. When I was in Peru, maracuya refers to a native type of passion fruit (super delicious). I had a lot of maracuya juice and smoothies when I was there, and they were much sweeter than passion fruit I’ve had elsewhere.

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Perhaps since it has been so many years, since my dear and I were in South America … However, passion fruit is distinctly different than dragon fruit … I remember now, you are correct, MARACUYA = PASSION FRUIT and if I do recall it is neither of these … It is a species of its own … Scientifically …

IT IS MAMEY, from the Mammea Tree, Guttiferae Family and is an ovoid Deep red fruit with a thick skin.

I HAD MAMEY in Columbia and it is used in SORBETS and malteds predominately …

Thanks for the feedback …