Thai Pink Chicken Curry.

I’ve tried dozens of times to make Red Curry and the result is never as vibrantly coloured as a restaurant dish. Where am I going wrong please Hounds? Sorry, Onions?

I have a picture, but can’t see an “add photo” button?


Are we talking Thai red curry here? I’ve only cooked it at home once and used a jar of red curry paste, so I claim no expertise. But, my guess is that restaurants simply use edible colouring as well as the spices.

By the by, I did a Madhur Jaffery recipe last night for Rajasthani Red Meat. In spite of the use of cayenne and paprika, it just wasnt very red and, certainly, not as red as the local curry house’s laal maas.

Here’s a pic. John. I’m happy with the flavour, but it just looks rather unappetising.

Next time try using about half as much coconut milk.

Just a guess.

How are you making it?

Using a can of curry paste? Coconut milk or cream? Do you fry the curry first with some of the separated coconut cream or just combine it all together? And how much coconut milk are you using?

All these will impact color and flavor …

Thanks, and yes, I’m aware of the too much milk aspect. It may not look like it, but I’m at about the minimum I can use without going overly dry, There’s 600g (1 1/4 lbs) of sliced chicken thigh meat in there and a 400g (14oz) can of Cmilk.

Thanks, but I’ve tried everything you are referring to (cream/milk/pre-fry etc.), and I’m still not really getting what I want!

This time (I’ve been at this for years) I used a pre-made paste by Thai Taste.

“Shesimmers” is my go to thai cooking blog. I haven’t seen her address this question specifically but it is where I’d start looking for answers … if you email her or get an answer please post back!

See if you can find this:

Maesri Red Curry Paste

Fry the paste in a bit of ghee or oil for just a minute, add your coconut milk and simmer for two to three minutes then add your chicken and/or veggies and cook through.

Pretty much foolproof.

Same brand makes several different Thai curry pastes, (panang, pri king, massaman, etc.).

That is the brand I use too.