Thai Nghiep Ky Mi Gia 蔡業記麵家, SF, Sunset

Vietnamese teochew (chiu chow) place on Noriega in Outer Sunset. Chef was from Hai Ky Mi Gia in the Tenderloin.

Ordered #9 (a variation of #7), braised duck leg with egg noodle and ho fun. Great fall-off-the-bone tender orange peel duck leg- star of the bowl. Egg noodle al dente and flavored unmistakably vietnamese teochew. Broth ordered on the side. The pork wonton was ok.

Also ordered #15 (a variation of #13, their signature noodle). The fried shrimp and shrimp cake was great. Ate the shrimp with shells and tail. Also came with a couple of cooked shrimp, pork, ground pork, fish ball, and fish cake.

Restaurant was full during saturday lunch service. Wait was about 15 minutes. Turnover was quick. Free soy milk with each noodle. Very friendly folks.

I had bowl of the beef stew ho fun at Thai Nghiep Ky Mi Gia after reading this thread and @KK’s rec. Also had a bowl of the same dish recently from Hai Ky Mi Gia recently - in comparison, the tendon was much tenderer at TNKMG, the noodles a little softer at TNKMG, and the broth fuller and more flavorful at TNKMG. On the whole I liked TNKMG’s version better though I think I liked the texture of the rice noodles from the bowl I had at HKMG more. Maybe I should have gotten the broth on the side at TNKMG.


What’s the red color of the broth from? Chili, tomatoes or something else?

Not sure (I have been to TNKMG several times, but haven’t had this dish before). However, I just looked up a number of different bo kho recipes and almost all of them include tomato paste or puree. A few also call for ground annatto or annatto oil - I suspect that’s what turns what would ordinarily be a brownish-red broth a much brighter shade of red.

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We got takeouts from Thai Nghiep Ky during Covid and the quality, especially the meat, was down at the time. I am glad that they are as good as ever now. Recently had a meal, and it was yummy.

I think this was beef noodle soup, but it came with plenty of tendons. Very nice.

Duck leg noodle soup- the duck leg was very nice. We got half egg noodle and half rice noodle.

The wonton egg noodle soup. Its ok. The other two were at a much higher level.

It was super windy and freezing (I was wearing my winter jacket). So we got some hot soy milk.