Terra $$ole - Ridgefield, CT

Actually, the full name is Terra Sole A Boutique Restaurant so we should have guessed how pricey it was going to be. That said, it was really good. The place is very small, but really done beautifully and simply. You can tell great care is taken with everything - even the menus were so clean and perfect. The host/owner is a typical Italian host - gracious and loves everyone. The place has been there for 10 years - it took over the French Bistro, La Saliere space.

The menu is updated daily. When you sit down a bread basket arrives with home made foccacia that was lovely - crispy top and soft inside. They offer a selection of meats and cheeses as a first course for the table. We actually went for an appetizer of figs wrapped in speck with toasted pistachios, candied walnuts and fig infused balsamic. It was gorgeous to look at and absolutely delicious. I especially loved the nut flavor with the speck. For mains we both had the Grass Fed Veal Medallions Rolled With Ground Veal, Porcini Mushrooms, Spices, Truffle Sauce Mini Mushrooms, Potatoes, Sautéed Baby Spinach. Again, it was gorgeous and the truffle cream sauce was pure heaven. For dessert we shared a flourless chocolate cake which was a bit dry for me - glad it came with home made vanilla gelato. Then, to our surprise, another dessert arrived - on the house! It was Chocolate & banana beignets served with the vanilla gelato. No one told us they were giving us a dessert - maybe it was a server mistake?

Many of the items on the menu have a signature next to them signifying that it is the owners own recipe and has always been on the menu. Now, the prices. The veal parm was aMilk-Fed Veal Chop (Pounded Thin & Panko Crusted) Topped With San Marzano Tomato Sauce, Imported Black Truffle Burrata & Shaved Parmigiano Reggiano, Potatoes, Sautéed Broccoli Rabe at a cost of $56. Yes $56. Our veal was $43 or something like that. I also should add they have a great wines by the glass list, but those prices are high to. I had a wonderful Amarone and DH had a Barolo.

Our server was good but the people clearing were a bit over anxious. And we were given the choice of tables for 2 and I chose badly as I kept getting bumped into. In all, we will go back for sure. Not often, maybe for my birthday!

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― Jonathan Gold