Temple Gourmet Chinese, Red Bank

Just read about this in a tweet from Jersey Shore In Motion, which from what I see, is one giant ad (think NJ Monthly magazine). But I’m still new down here so I’ll ask the folks I trust! Anyone…? @seal @NotJrvedivici ???

haven’t been- interested to hear reviews…very $$$ for Chinese food. Usually end up going to the place in Little Silver- takeout or dine in- no delivery…but place is always packed- seems to be very popular around here…

Yes, Jersey Whore in Motion is all ads for their clients.

But, what in particular about Temple did you want to know?

For what it is (think old school American-ized Cantonese) I like Temple and its sister resto, Peking Pavillion a lot more than any of the millions of others in that group around here. My favorite thing is definitely the scallops, egg roll, shrimp appy, and surprisingly, the string beans. PP is one of the few places I will also indulge in a scorpion bowl as well.

Ha (re JWiM)! And thanks–that’s what I was curious to know; if it’s Cantonese, the likelihood of my going is greatly diminished, although the string beans might convince me! :slight_smile:

The scorpion bowl sounded interesting until I googled it and discovered it was a drink. :frowning:


Yup! I was first exposed to those in/around Boston in my college days…woof! @seal do you know there’s a new Tiki bar in AP? From the Smith group; it’s the space next to Brickwall, which used to be Goldie’s. JUST. SAYIN’. :wink:

Happiness? They changed it again??

I went there a while ago for Ramen night and wasn’t at all happy with it (pun intended). Do they serve food in its new incarnation?

Btw, I went to AP and tried the chicken and waffle at Cardinal. A bit heavy on the batter on the chicken, but otherwise very good. Their next pop up dinner in at the end of the month.

Yes…Happiness is out, and this place is in. I believe they have food as well; in fact, they must–it’s connected to Brickwall. I’ll def check it out at some point and report back.

Glad you liked Cardinal! I’m no expert but that is some damn fine chicken and waffles, and everything else there is delicious too.

Since you asked I will tell you my limited (one time) experience with Temple, was a bit of a let down. I’m speaking from a value perspective, I ordered the lobster fried rice that was on special it was something like $50-(?) and had what they claimed was a 1.25lbs lobster, it was served with a whole shell, however the meat was all minced and mixed in the rice so it was difficult to identify and seemed in very short supply. I had the duck there and was very pleased with it, but overall I didn’t walk away overly impressed and haven’t been back.

On a side note when you walk in they have a very large and well stocked bar. I was seated and the waiter came over to welcome us, I ordered a martini and was informed “I’m sorry we do not serve alcohol”…I decided to point his attention to the large well stocked bar they have and he just said, yeah that’s for show!!! WTF? I forget what the story is but apparently they were suppose to get a liquor license and there was a problem, so they are all stocked and ready, but can’t serve. (This was several years ago so maybe that has changed)

I’m not an Asian food specialist so I apologize if I’m not giving fair comparisons but my preferred places in the area above this would be; Little Szechuan (Little Silver) Far Eat (Eatontown) Muang Thai (Red Bank).

From what I hear the food here is decent, but pricey like Jr said. I hear it is like decent local Chinese food but 3 times the price. For example, you get some dish and they use a little better quality meat and charge a lot more. I can’t knock it but this is why I haven’t been yet.

the oriental empire is actually half decent in red bank. I’ve had a few good dishes there. It is a rather nice “walk in” spot where you can get a low price dinner. For 13 bucks the royal steak dish is nice. The duck dish is good too and fried up crispy. For a half to a third of the price of temple, I’d try this spot out. Does anyone have any favorite dishes there? One thing I don’t get is a handful of dishes here are like 30 plus while some good ones are 13…weird.

I love Asian food and thought this place was just okay.

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Thanks! Based on everything I’m reading here, there are plenty of other places I should try in Red Bank instead.

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According to a Chinese friend of ours Oriental Empire in Red Bank is better, if not as fancy.

I’ve tried both, and would have to agree.

While it’s nice to have a more formal Chinese option in our area, and I think Temple strives for more, the food just is just kind of average.

Now Sichuan Cottage I gotta try.

If you appreciate good Szechuan, yes-- you do! We’ll reschedule our HOdown there once @joonjoon returns, so watch for they thread to reappear!

For good “formal” Chinese I take the drive up 35 North about 10-15 mins into Middletown to House of Chong. I like their food and they have a liquor license so that is a rare treat with Chinese restaurants. I forget the name of the Plaza it’s in however it’s across 35 from Whole Foods, in the same plaza as the now defunct Red Heads & 5 Guys Burgers -n Fries and the still open Telarcio’s deli.

Isn’t that Union Square, the location of CJ’s former favorite all you can stuff sushi buffet, Sushi Palace?

The one with the neon pork chop on the wall?

Yes, that’s it thank you!


Fratellis at Union Square has a mean meatball parm sub, one of the best in our area.

Temple stinks IMO. It’s really bland overpriced Chinese food.

I went to Temple once and I’m in no hurry to go back. Mediocre across the board and the bar but no bar thing is super confusing. There is better Chinese in the area. I like West Lake in Matawan, especially for dim sum! YUM! Good for a group.

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