Teixeira's Bakery in [Newark, NJ]

The Ironbound District in Newark is known as the epicenter of the Portuguese and Brazil population in NJ. By my estimations, there are over 150 Portuguese and Brazilian cafes, restaurants, and shops in a relatively small area.

Very likely the best and most popular Portuguese bakery in the Ironbound is Teixera’s Bakery. They’ve been in business for decades and have had several articles written about them:

They have 3 locations, with their location on Ferry St. spot being the most popular.

Pastry photos: pao de deus (coconut crust on brioche bread), bola de berlim (berliner donut filled with ovos mole, an egg cream), pastel de nata and guardanapo (napkin dough filled with ovos mole).


Gristede’s in NYC used to carry some of their rolls…but I don’t think they do anymore…

The Ironbound was always one of my favorite food destinations…my parents used to take us there when we were kids ( all the way from the suburbs!), and then I worked in Newark for almost a decade, so it remained a go-to. Many birthdays were celebrated at Casa Vasca and Adega Grill, and co-workers would often arrive with custard cups on a Friday. In the last 5-10 years a Portuguese friend introduced me to Marisqueria and that became our go-to.
It’s one of the few things I still miss from NNJ!

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Credit: Ramesh SA, Flickr