Teach me about turmeric

I was thinking along these snacking ideas.

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Are those baked, or fried? If they’re fried, I wonder if there’s enough turmeric in them to even counterbalance, much less outweigh, the reported inflammation-inducing tendencies of deep-fried potatoes, vegetable oil, and dairy?:wink:


MikeG, yeah I wasnt focused on the supposed health claims. I have never purchased them so I dont know how they are made. I only used a quick screen grab to compare the use of turmeric on snack foods and if they stain your fingers while munching😁.

Maybe a HO who has eaten these chips can tell me if their fingers turned permanent yellow. Id like to try a popcorn that has turmeric dust.

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Sorry if it came across that way, but I wasn’t commenting on your having posted about them, it was meant as a comment on Lay’s having come up with the idea to cash in on turmeric’s trendiness as a Superfood, and and the linked blog post’s headline.

It just drives me mildly nuts the way every time new research comes out identifying (or even merely hinting at) a possible connection between some food or another and either a potential benefit or a potential “harm” from it - however theoretical or statistically minor it is in the scheme of an overall diet - cyberspace goes wild either glorifying or demonizing it. And I find it especially hilarious (in a laugh-so-you-don’t-cry sorta way) when a Superfood Du Jour gets showcased in a junk food flavor of all things… And when the particular junk food in involves foods that (allegedly) have a exact opposite health impact, the irony edges its way toward surrealism…

On a more even-keeled note, I guess one could say that at least the Superfood mitigates the “harm” of the Bad Food (and its certainly better than Olestra-fried fried-snack food! o_O), but "now you can have your deep-fried potato snacks without exacerbating your chronic medical condition " isn’t quite the same thing as an implicit “eat your way to health with our latest junk food!”…:wink:

Or…if you like the flavor of turmeric enough that you went a bit to wild on a big arse bag of the stuff and wondered if it would work well on homemade popcorn.

Answer, it tastes really good as a popcorn mix of turmeric, salt, ground black pepper and cinnamon dusted on while the popcorn is hot and yes! your hands and bowl are a mad, crazy bright yellow…which a bit of coconut oil, soap and water takes care of😉.


Stains less if you add the turmeric while you’re making the popcorn rather than after - a common indian street snack is popped corn or millet that’s been lightly spiced with turmeric, salt, and chilli powder. Doesn’t work well in a popcorn maker, but if you’re doing it in a pot or in the microwave, add the turmeric and seasonings to the oil before adding the kernels.

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The rampant turmeric everywhere has me halfway been splits and constant annoyance… I’m glad the health benefits are now widely recognized and able to benefit many more people, but turmeric in everything as a marketing gimmick is what gets to me.

@Rooster you can add 1/2 tsp to pretty much anything you cook as long as you don’t mind the color - the flavor is not noticeable (unless it’s added in too large a quantity). Bag goes quickly when it’s used as a staple ingredient like salt.

And my stock is well utilized during cold & flu season - if someone sneezes or coughs in my vicinity, I take a tsp of turmeric when I get home.


Ripple pea plant milk, original flavor
Tsp of golden milk powder
Tsp of vanilla paste
1 banana
1/2 mango diced

Blender on high and enjoy.

My new favorite milkshake.

Received in today’s (well, OK, yesterday’s email), the fine folks at Penzey’s are actively seeking recipes using turmeric and I thought some of you who contributed ideas to this thread might be interested:

“Calling all Cooks! We could use your help with a couple upcoming offers. First off, Turmeric has become ever more popular in recent years, and as a part of highlighting this we could use a few recipes from you, our customers. If you have a recipe with Turmeric that you’ve come to love in recent years, or possibly just an old family favorite, it would be really helpful if you could send it our way to editor@penzeys.com along with a few words about why you appreciate it.”

Really top notch quality.

My sister turned me onto this snack. Yellow fingers but worth it.


Not to be a downer , but people taking blood thinners such as coumadin (warfarin) should not use too much tumeric, check with your doctor before adding it to every thing , mine told me to stay away from it

These got better with each passing day as the spices melded.

We tried them and liked them very much.

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Glad you found it tasty.

I’ve been making a paste with fresh and powdered turmeric for beverages and to add the paste to curry. Keeps in the frig a decent period of time.

This version

Pineapple, mango, turmeric, coconut milk, grated ginger smoothie with a great tasting spice.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold