Tea worthy of online order?

Any recommendations for tea sites?

I’ve used Golden Moon in the past, which is very recommendable, but it’s been a few years, and I thought I’d plug in to explore what’s going on presently.


Useful question. I have been buying from Upton Tea Imports for years. Product quality has been consistently good even though some tea I used to buy has gotten too pricey for me.

To minimize shipping charges, I order enough at a time to keep us in tea for at least a couple of months.


I buy from Upton Tea too, 4 or 5 times a year. Always excellent and promptly shipped.

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Also upton. Love their white teas.


Interesting to see all the Upton support. I’ll have a look. Perhaps unfairly, it is a brand name associated in my memory (I’m in my 50s) with run-of-the-mill tea that you’d find at any low-end supermarket. But I confess I’ve only vr bought their supermarket Earl Gray, so I should get into their variety options.

Thanks so far! I welcome further thoughts.

Not sure if you have an association with finding Upton Tea in a supermarket? They have always been an order-only supplier. Over the years I have seen the occasional tin of an Upton Tea at some high-end boutiquish chocolate shop or the like, but on a very limited basis.

It’s also possible to order samples of at least some of their teas, in case that would appeal to you. Hope this helps.

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company supplies a lot of local restaurants that take their tea program seriously. the owner is so meticulous and his products are spectacular.

i order from him several times a year.

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Second the Harney & Sons rec (I used to go to their SoHo store when I lived in NYC), and I’ll also put in a plug for Steven Smith Teas: Steven Smith Teamaker - The Finest Name in Tea Since 1949

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What kind of tea do you like? I am lucky that I can go buy many teas in LA. However, I have bought tea online as well.

Maybe I’m mistaken that Upton tea was in supermarkets. I just know that for most of my life, I’'ve never gone elsewhere for teas, and didn’t drink tea much.

I bet I’m mixing it in my mind with Lipton!

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I found this “Spruce Eats” website to be interesting, combining informational aims with brand recommendations:

Plus one on Upton. I wonder if you are confusing it with Lipton? Upton definitely does not sell in stores. I have a monthly subscription order set up for my breakfast tea - helps with the pricing.

About teas I like: I’m generally into variety with foods, and that would be so with tea, too. I do not lean toward herbal tea, so I guess that means I like robust, rather savory teas. Black teas? Oolongs? Thanks for any thoughts.

Ok… I do not consider myself a tea aficionado, but I love my Earl Grey. Over the decades I’ve tried many brands, and my absolute favorite is Stash Double Bergamot. As I only do a cup in the morning, I prefer bags, and these are the best I have tried (and pretty reasonably priced).

I am not an expert of black tea. For Taiwanese Oolong, I have found the interesting store Yoshan. They are brick and mortar stores, but they also sell online.
All– YoshanTea (yoshanteausa.com)
If you are into Pu-erh tea, then I think Linda Louie is a good starting point. She does not have a huge list, but plenty for beginning and her selections are solid, ranging from very affordable to high-end.
Bana Tea Company - Purveyors of Premium Pu-erh Teas


August Tea has some very unusual blends, both caffeinated and herbal. I ordered samples first. Though initially skeptical, I LOVE the Cabaret blend, which is malty black tea with dark chocolate and dark morello cherry. The website is august.la

I’m a lifelong tea-drinker of all types, but my frequent comfort cup is black tea with milk—usually Barry’s red box, or Indian loose. I’ve never gone that far down in the submersible of deep tea exploration, but one of my favorite new-to-me discoveries has been Turkish tea. If I’m near a Middle-Eastern grocery I stock up but I also buy it online at Tulumba.com. I find the prices really reasonable, especially the loose teas.

I’ve tried a few (including an Earl Grey/Bergamot scented type—very nice) and they’ve all been good, but my favorite is Caykur brand, Organik Rize Cayi. Lovely red color and mellow taste and never gets bitter even in a super strong, long-steeped base for ice tea.

Any one else explored Turkish tea? Would love to hear about other types and brands.

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Also upton

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I’ve had good luck with Yunnan Sourcing and Ippodo’s US sites. The 2021 “Jinggu Sun-Dried Silver Needles White Pu-erh Tea Cake” is my favorite affordable tea from Yunnan so far. Vahdam’s 12oz black teas including Darjeeling and Assam are my daily drinkers.

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