Tea or coffee?

I love the smell of brewing coffee, but the actual taste doesn’t usually match the smell and is way too bitter on my palate. So I drink black tea for the most part, sometimes Jasmine Pearls, no sugar or cream. Our local tea shop (Julie’s Tea Garden) has an amazing Earl Grey and Lapsang Souchong that are my occasional indulgences. English Breakfast is my go to and I love a good unsweetened iced tea. My Mom’s recipe uses a 2 to 1 ratio Lipton to Constant Comment. Not fancy, but inexpensive and refreshing.


How about tea and coffee…? :stuck_out_tongue:
I really do enjoy both. I grew up drinking tea so it’s always around my house. I grew to love coffee pretty early too, especially with 2 older sisters who bought coffee drinks that they would let me try too.

In the mornings, it’s always coffee unless it’s unavailable. It’s a ritual and does help to start my day. If I want anything comforting and warm/hot at any other time of the day, it’s tea. Tea with a meal is also quite normal in my family (like dim sum).

Mrs H does both. Generally tea first thing in the day and coffee later on. As with the vast majority of Britons, that’s the tea often called elsewhere “English Breakfast” but is just tea to us. And, as with the vast majority of Britons, that’s taken with milk and, in her case, sugar.

Well that’s because Mrs H is quite sensible. Milk and sugar for me on the rare occasion I drink hot tea, with my preference being English Breakfast Tea, due to strength. All other is iced usually, and very lightly sweetened only. Unless I choke down a cup of medicinal tea sometimes.

Basically reiterated from an earlier post on this thread, due to feeling like it. Not sure of mention of English Breakfast being a favorite for hot tea…

Everyone has different preferences.Tea and coffee are both important.

Same here. I generally don’t drink coffee after 3 PM anyway unless I’ve had a huge meal and I know (knew) the restaurant’s espresso is (was) better than its tea selection.


Coffee first thing in the morning and then tea for the rest of the day. Breakfast tea, but also oolong, lapsing souchung, chai blends, and the occasional tisane.

What’s tea?


Lol, that’s the way I feel, although I do like it iced @brisket44.

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A hibiscus-orange tea blend on the rocks.

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Yeah, I do like iced tea. And I always enjoy having tea with dim sum. But that’s about it.

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Citron honey tea iced with a seltzer water topper.

I like citron honey tea too, but I am always amused why they call it a tea. It’s more like a cup of watered citron jam. Delicious and fragrant, but tea is a looong stretch.

I’ve seen some versions that include black tea. Maybe because the hot version is a brewing step of sorts its called tea. :man_shrugging: but I enjoy it iced with a bit of a foamy top so thus way is more cocktail-ish than tea. Go figure :wink:

Mint tea.

Great tasting rooibos.


Coffee for breakfast, unsweetened iced tea with other meals, hot tea with lemon and honey mid-afternoons (sometimes).

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