Tea or coffee?

Do you prefer tea or coffee?
Maybe tea would be a good choice.

It’s more complicated than that. And besides, I don’t respond well to ultimatum.

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Coffee (generally the instant variety at home). Can’t stand the taste of tea and won’t drink it.

Agreed!! And if I’m sick I’d rather have hot soup.

It depends.

When at home, its coffee in the morning, strong and dark. If I’m in the UK its tea. I am eternally scarred by the Kennco machines of the early years of the millenium.

If I’m feeling off, I’ll drink tea.

Later in the afternoon it’s usually water, but occasionally I’ll drink tea (this time of year, it’s iced). Cooler weather brings more tea.

Evenings are tisanes only.

In general, coffee, by a wide margin (hot, iced, and occasionally Manhattan Special coffee soda). It’s a major food group afaic (and I’m definitely “addicted” to caffeine), but/probably partly because I’m a fast-caffeine-metabilizer (or something) and can easily drop off to sleep five minutes after drinking my 6th-plus cup of coffee for the day… (Sadly though, the lining of my bladder isn’t nearly as insensitive to it as my central nervous system :wink:, so I do try to avoid it too  close to bedtime…)

But I’m also very fond of iced  tea either at home, or away from home when I can get it with a sane amount of sugar (i.e., about a quarter of the sugar in most commercial iced teas), and like the occasional pot of hot tea during the cool/cold months (as a novelty, basically). In the latter case, usually something more unusual (to me) than the generic Oolong-type that’s almost universal in the US. (I’m not enough of a fan/connoisseur to spend Big Bucks on tea, but as is true of other shelf-stable foodstuffs, I’m a sucker for (affordable) teas I’ve never seen and tasted before…)

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I started out as tea-only, because I grew up in a tea-only family (except for the Nescafe/Sanka brought out when relatives visited) and the only coffee experience I had was Dunkin’ Donuts. Now, thanks to my wife, I like coffee so much that I actually want to switch careers and go into the coffee industry. I still like a good cup of tea, though, but it has to be better than Lipton’s. And I’m not a fan of Earl Grey or the smokier/earthier varieties like Pu-Erh or Lapsang Souchong.

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Maybe it’s different for everyone.


In defense of Lapsang Souchong – we’ve noticed at large Cantonese restaurants setting up for banquets, usually weddings, the table is set with bottles of sparkling cider, 2L Coke (and ginger ale/Sprite sometimes), and either Scotch or Cognac, sometimes both. Hmmm . . . similar flavor profile dim sum is taken a bit early for a wee dram (or not), but when too early, we tried and found that Lapsang Souchong stands in pretty well for whisky at that hour with that cuisine.

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LS is also very good for tea smoked foods, or infusions/decoctions for cooking as well. As a beverage, haven’t quite developed a taste for it, but may have had inferior product. Will try again sometime. Maybe, as I don’t care for hot tea, generally.

I like both a lot. Mocha Java is my fav coffee bean brew and tea…well, that’s harder. I like most teas; hot and cold. Right now…iced rooibos (unflavored).

Most definitely coffee here - freshly ground, nearly always. Love a lot of different beans and blends, with 100% Kona coffee being the very favorite, most probably.

I love tea, but only if brewed properly, and iced. Slightly sweetened just to take the tannic tasting edge off.

Have an extreme aversion to hot tea, but can manage a cup of English Breakfast tea occasionally. Or Chai/Chai lattes. Have an amazing hack for those. Occasionally I take some medicinal teas, but can hardly get them down while warm. IMO, brewing at the optimum temperature is critical for teas.

I’m mostly a tea person. Coffee usually makes me anxious, except in desserts. I like green and oolong tea, fav is Longjing, unfortunately, the price for good quality ones is more and more unaffordable.

I don’t usually drink tea with sugar. Some exceptions, example, I don’t mind bubble tea…it’s fun.

I’m a tea drinker. Coffee upsets my stomach. I am drinking ginger peach tea now from Republic of Tea. I also like their green tea with honey & ginseng. I also like the Tazo teas (apricot vanilla creme, zen, red rooibos, ginger, and wild sweet orange among some flavors). I use at least 3 Splendas in my 16 ounce cup to sweeten them.

Mrs. P on the other hand loves her coffee. She is from New Orleans and likes the New Orleans blend (French blend with chicory).

Meant to say in earlier post, I really like McDonald’s unsweetened large tea with lemon. I then ask for sweetener, and add to my taste, which is for very little. It’s good tea, which we often drink on road trips, or if I’m out running errands in our 75-80 degree sweltering weather. A plus is it’s only $1. Their drip coffee, when fresh is also very good, IMO, (and you know where I live!)

I can’t drink very much iced tea unfortunately, as there’s a compound in it that irritates my bladder to the point of misery. At least there’s seltzer, flavored seltzer’s, and juices I splash in, as plain water doesn’t cut it.

Coffee black . . .I do not dilute my caffeine with any foreign substances nor do I drink anything but coffee-flavored coffee. Sis and BIL visited yesterday and BIL requested coffee (they’re a mixed marriage: he drinks only coffee, she only tea) and apparently my coffee is too strong, he had to dilute it with milk. Funny, mom always complains my coffee is too weak.

Mom does both as did dad. Of their four daughters, two are tea only, one is coffee only and one did both. So maybe it’s a genetic thing?

Happy to see you posting again. It is funny about the coffee vs tea thing. Our coffee made by some relatives is little more than dark brown water. Like to have the Instant Starbucks Via on hand to beef it up. Must have half n half and a small amount of Turbinado sugar in it. White sugar or agave will do as well. Sometimes when out, I’ll order a Breve, which I LOVE. No sugar needed.

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That’s great!I recommend a tea shop from China. You can choose oolong tea or Longjing tea.
oriarm tea shop.

well i always prefer coffee especially when out there in woods for camping , drinking coffee in front of a campfire is just a great fun during cold winter evenings isn’t?

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