Taylor Ham - whatcha do with it?

It is salty by my standards. I do what my mother did: sweat some chopped onion, add sliced TH and a pound of dry lentils plus water and a bay leaf. Simmer until lentils are soft, serve with steamed or boiled red bliss potatoes. I tinker with adding sriracha or garlic, or sometimes teriyaki sauce.

TH is also good for split pea soup if you have no other pork element handy. Use a chunk in the water, to create flavorful broth then dice the meat once the soup is finished cooking.


I grew up in Delaware and lived in New Jersey for ~15-20 years. I agree with the comment that it’s more like a baloney than like Spam, which is a more shredded prefab reconstituted meat. You fry it up to put on breakfast sandwiches, usually a hard roll* and maybe a fried egg, and it’s more there as extra flavoring than as a significant ingredient like a sausage patty would be.

(*I eventually also learned that if you ask for a hard roll outside of NJ/NY/Philly/DE area, nobody’s got a clue what you’re talking about. Think of it as sort of like a Kaiser roll, if you’ve got those.)


In my spam and baloney experience, baloney is absolutely the more “shredded prefab reconstituted” of the two. Spam has a little more bite and a little more texture, bologna is homogenous mush.

Supermarket bologna is useless but I used to love ring bologna, however it is a rare bird on the West Coast. We can get scrapple, though I have no intentions of ever doing so.

I think pork roll blows bologna and spam out of the water. I’m not of fan of either of the latter. Give it a shot if you can source it.

The thing I love about this stuff is that it is ready in minutes. I love bacon too (obviously) but pork roll is so damn easy to cook. Wake up and throw a few slices on the pan. Jump in the shower and by the time you hop out your house smells like a million bucks and you simply flip it for another minute. Toss on some cheese, Crack and egg or two while your bread/toast warms, and you’re done.

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Since I’ve been vegetarian the last few decades, I’m not going to go out and buy scrapple, but it’s not something I’ve seen here on the West Coast. I ate it a lot when I was younger; it was common in eastern PA, and available in NJ, and the stuff from the farm-stand markets was better than the frozen grocery-store version. Tasty stuff, fried with maple syrup on it.

I think we have a lot of East Coasters in Ashland, but I’ve never asked the meat guy why they stock it. I’ll ask him today.

I don’t think I have ever fried it up crisp like bacon. I’m more a medium kind of guy, just lightly browned on each side is perfect for me.

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Wow…just in today’s paper. HOLY SH*T !!!

Do you guys have too much time on your hands in NJ?
Edsel Ice Cream :icecream:

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I can’t see this being good…Who knows though.

Then again, I thought this beer would be a train wreck and I actually thought it was OK