Tasty Pot, Times Square, Richmond Hill - Taiwanese style individual serving Hot-Pot

Accompanying my kids for my first Taiwanese ’ individual serving ’ Hot-Pot experience.

Our party size allowed us to pick a wide range of different broth bases for the Hot-Pot…Milk, Tomato, Satay, Curry…etc. The individual pot was packed to the brim with vegetables and mushrooms, beef, surimi, beef and fish balls, clams, Quail eggs…etc.

Overall, Okay lah! Nothing to write home about.

For me the best thing was the unlimited supply of yummy Taiwanese Satay sauce/paste for the crafting of our individual dipping sauce! Ha!😋😁

I was also surprised to see the restaurant having a pack-house at 7.30 pm on a chilly Thursday


Do you guys have Boiling Point in Canada? That’s the more popular, bigger chain in California, but I hate it. Have never understood why the lines are out the door but the soup base is mediocre and the pots are somewhat sparse. Tasty Pot is our family favorite. They have a soup base for everyone and the pots are chock full with the things we love (pork blood cake, intestines, various balls, tempura, etc.).

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