Tasty food on Rt 33?

Hello HOs!

I have an office to commute to for the first time in 7 years! It’s in East Windsor and I live in Asbury Park, so the commute has me taking rt 33 back and forth. Anyone know of any tasty options along the way?

Pretty much a culinary wasteland. But you could detour into Freehold Boro and go to Aarzu for terrific Indian cuisine. The thread about it on this board is here.

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I thought you were the guy who first found the gas station on rt 33 that serves decent Mexican food…

Well, if not, there is one :grin: It’s a Citgo close to Hole-In-One golf across the street from my next thought.

The Hogback Deli is better than decent for sandwiches and other things and has a huge menu. They are in the plaza just before Hole-In-One golf.

I often go to Peking Pavilion further east on 33. They bring back my childhood Cantonese/American family dinner memories in the best way.

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Strangely enough, I was in Freehold this morning and since I had the day off, I decided to take Route 33 all the way to East Windsor because I’ve never driven it before and wanted to see what it was all about. Agree with RGR that there didn’t seem to be much. I had breakfast at Gus’s diner. Decent enough place if you’re looking to stop for breakfast.

would prob recommend Peking- other than that maybe Wawa? Honestly, that’s about it. Haven’t had the nerve to try the City tacos…

Federeicis in downtown Freehold ( a short detour), Gus’s Diner on 33, Taverna Ouzo - just north of 33 but I forget which road.

I may think of a couple more.

Joon if you’re ever over in Trenton Id love to hear your thoughts on pollo campero. Im positive it won’t be as rocking as the Guatemalan places (due to all types of US Food regulations) but I heard it is really good. I work with a chapina and she says it’s top notch. She said to check out GuatePan as well. Hell it is a lot cheaper, closer and safer than visiting GT lol…something to consider if you’re out west. The isn’t much GT food around these parts that I know of.

As others have noted, the gas station tacos at the Citgo are pretty darn good. My wife takes the same drive every day to Windsor. Will ask her for any rec’s.

We went to Zaytouna Mediterranean Grill (Off 33 just west of Freehold, near where Top Tomato Market use to be). Very good middle eastern counter service. http://www.zaytounagrill.com

Everyone already stole whatever Rt. 33 Thunder I was going to have. Good luck with the new job!! (What do you actually do?)

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I think most been covered. There’s really not much; it kind of all go downhill once you leave Asbury Park :slight_smile:

For breakfast/ quick lunch, I do like Tommy’s Bagel (cash only) on Andee Plaza not long after you pass Peking Pavilion.

Highstown has a few spots:
Morgan’s Island Grill - Jamaican place. Only been there once. The food is good but the service is slow the one time i am there on a Saturday night. The kitchen cannot keep up with takeout and dine-in orders. I liked the food, and it’s a good bang for the buck.
12 Farms - farm to table type place… menu looks good but execution is not the greatest. Worth a try.
TacoRito - decent quick casual taco place - like a Chipotle with a larger menu.

Just want to note there are quite a few Indian places popping up in East Windsor but haven’t tried any.
For shoppeing, there’s also an Indian market near the Home Depot in East Windsor.

The only thing that caught my eye when I used to drive that route a bit was A&S Salumeria. I’ve never been to that location, and I’m not sure they are even affiliated with the Brooklyn store that I know, but I always wanted to stop by. Might be worth a look see if you are in the mood for Italian-ish


@tomt I’ve been to A&S a few times and I highly recommend it for take out and Italian cold cuts. They bake too.

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