Taste of Singma (Pleasanton)

Good Malaysian and Singaporean food is not very common in the Bay Area, so I was impressed by a meal at Taste of Sing-ma Pleasanton:

Roti prata : A few months back, Roti canai/prata was the Chowhound dish of the month. The main result was that nearly every Malaysian, Thai, and Burmese place that serves this layered flatbread makes it from pre-made frozen dough (think of it like puff pastry). Yet, there is still wide variation in the price and how well they can cook it.

Taste of Sing-Ma’s was frozen, but they do a very good job. The outer-most layer was crisp and translucent in part. The inner layers were soft and their lamination was less well lamination. Just like they do in Malaysia, the chef here scrunched up the toti, which both looks pretty and prevents the layers from staying too glued together.

Penang poh-piah, kind of a Malaysian style spring-roll with a thin crepe-like wrapper, was tightly-wrapped and had the requisite amount of crunchy insides and dried shrimp.

Curry laksa was really good – – the spicy soup had depth of flavor and heat with a background of coconut milk instead of the lame coconut soup with some spices that is more typically served

Nasi lemak did not have strong coconut or pandan leaf flavors, but I enjoyed the mixture of the rice with the large portion of anchovy sambal. We got it served with a side of feef rendang, which tasted of burnt mustard seeds that mellowed out in leftovers.

The Kangkung (ong choy, morning glory) can be cooked with shrimp paste, but we opted for garlic sauce. Very good-- crisp and not overcooked.

What else is good to eat there? I’ve never eaten chicken rice that impressed me, so please let me know if that, other soups, or the black pepper crab is worth seeking out.

Taste of Sing-Ma
824 Main St, Pleasanton, CA 94566
(925) 249-9448

We like Taste of Sing Ma quite a lot. It’s a popular place and deservedly so. Our first visit was 2017 and our second/last was May 2018.

Roti is very good, and the fresh coconut juice was amazing.

Chicken/eggplant stir-fry was exceptional. The Nasi Lemak with chicken rendang was excellent, even the coconut rice which we find often is sloppily made (hard as a rock and lacking flavor). We appreciated how the coconut rice comes in a standard rice bowl, instead of those pretentious fake bamboo servers that are impossible to serve from.

Beef rendang was good, a little saucy but nobody really does a proper dry-fry any longer. Hamro Aangan/Albany used to do a goat dry-fry curry and the owner told me it took 15 hours to make. Needless to say, the new owners don’t bother. Sing Ma’s rendang is tasty, however.

Beef satay was good, sauce is housemade so more textural and sweet with palm sugar, but all of us liked it with the beef. Homestyle ribs had a very light 5-spice, very tender and easy to eat with fingers.

Mango pudding is Chinese style, served with evap. milk on top. I don’t know if they still offer the Pulut Hitam (Hot): Creamy black sticky rice with coconut milk. It’s more an unsweetened chewy, very filling black rice jook than a dessert! Very filling, LOL. The mango w/sticky rice was good but like everybody else’s, no different.

Service is pretty good, and of course parking is decent altho weekend nites are crowded.

thanks, Great report. I don’t go out to Pleasanton a lot but will go if I am in the area.

Didn’t realize we have a Singma thread. Will have these comments moved there.

Looks like Taste of Sing Ma is closed, according to Yelp, unfortunately.

Wow, what a shame - I wondered if the area would support Malaysian food. Sigh, I will miss that eggplant dish!

Thought Pleasanton and the Tri-Valley has enough Asians to support such a business. That’s unfortunate.