Luv this stuff… and used to order it from Magic Seasonings, but now-a-days it is only available in 5 pound packs for $70!

Any of you know of a great source for a pound or two for a lot less?


I got some from D’Artagnan, but that was in 2019.

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How was it? It is a little cheaper, but there is a $50 minimum. The Magic stuff was stellar so maybe the extra $20 is worth it?

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I got it during a sale, and don’t remember the particulars. I’d never cooked with it before or since, but it seemed fine to me! I can’t even remember what I used it for.

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Next time do this…


But do it with fresh fettuccine instead of spaghetti (and clams are good too). One of my fav Cajun dishes!

Prefaced with popcorn shrimp (with a sherry aioli), and served with jalapeno cheese rolls makes a killer dinner. Serious YUM!

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It appears they sell it in individual packs for around $6 to $7.

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That’d be great if it is good… but never heard of that brand. I’ll search for reviews.

CajunGrocer.com has several different brands of tasso.

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Wayne Jacobs Smokehouse in Laplace, LA is a very good place to buy from. Get yourself some andouille while you’re at it. These folks are the real deal. Please do not buy Cajun smoked meats from D’Artagnan…sheesh.

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$24/lb… ouch!

Savoie’s is what they sell here (New Orleans) in the supermarket. It’s not bad, but if you want the real good stuff, you drive west. Or in your case, direct your browser west.

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Thanks. The WJS looks really good but man is it pricey. Have you ever had:

This was my go to in the past and great for what I used it for (just didn’t want to buy 5 pounds of it).

Does it suffer from freezing? I didn’t want to buy 96 portuguese muffins from Fall River (16 packs of 6) but did it to avoid a $20 shipping fee. They’re in my freezer, doing fine, till I need them. I freeze most of my meats too, when I binge buy on sale.

Uncured ham doesn’t freeze well for all that long. For what I use it for, 5lbs would most likely not be used within that time.

Probably better to buy smaller amounts of the more expensive stuff or take a chance on the Savoie’s.

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Another idea is to go in with friends if you have any that are foodies. If you can find one other family, then you only get 2.5 lbs of it.

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No. It looks very mass-produced. Living as I do in Louisiana, I have plenty of opportunity to buy my smoked meat and sausage products from small shops that have been around for decades and make their own stuff, like Wayne Jacobs. The last batch of tasso and sausages (andouille, deer sausage, etc.) that I bought came from Mel’s Quick Stop in Eunice, which is amazing. I store such things in the freezer and they’re fine there; everything comes vacuum-packed.

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Hobb’s in Richmond CA may be an option for you.
They make very good Tasso and Andouille among other things.
They are a wholesaler though you may be able to work something out.

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Thanks. Looks good, but tasso is not listed as as one of their consumer retail products (not to mention there are no retail places that are close to me).

And while I have had little to no success with wholesalers, even if so it looks like I’d need to order 20 pounds of it. )c:

OK, this is crazy. I remember getting a pound or two of this from Paul’s site for around $20. Now I have to buy 5 pounds for $70, but shipping is FREE!

I have looked at most/if all the other options mentioned and am flabbergasted. Most have $50 minimums, and charge more than that for shipping… so more than a hundred bucks for a few pounds of pork butt (crazy!).

Gonna do the same Paul’s stuff I’ve done in the past (which I thought was great), and hope I can get through five pounds of it before it goes off.

Thanks all!

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