tartar sauce help!

Heyo! Happy New Year all!

I need some quick help-

Do I use sweet pickle or dill pickle in tartar sauce??

Either. I like sweet, my GF likes dill

We’d use both; or, capers instead of dill; or, dill weed with sweet . . .

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I prefer capers but you can use either pickle.

Also prefer capers.

Thanks for the responses:

The recipe I used called for capers as well as pickles- one recipe called for sweet, another one other called for dill. I don’t eat enough tartar sauce to recall what the pickle was like.

I ended up using gerhkins but ones that weren’t really sweet like some are.

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Sweet. And a few capers, too.

I use pickle relish plus mayo plus capers &/or dill, if I have them handy. But I prefer an alternative, which is to drain jarred Polish vegetable salad (contains cabbage, onion, pickle, carrot, peppers) and mix that with mayo &/or ranch dressing .

I like dill pickles, capers, lemon juice, dijon, and mayo. S&P of course.

Good for you! That’s what I use. LOL Chopped gherkins and capers.

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Fwiw @ this point, I use dill relish and some of the liquid from sweet relish. I like the mix.

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