TARO'S ( Fish & seafood ) Restaurant, 7240 Woodbine avenue, Markham.

This is the latest addition to the Taro’s empire, Toronto’s most popular and famous, Japanese owned and operated, fish, seafood and Japanese emporium outlet. The behemoth size of this new location, in addition to providing more space for presenting greater quantity and selection of food products ( both raw and cooked. It also allows a bright, smallish and cozy size, table-seating restaurant to be added next to the spacious retail area.

A compact luncheon menu offers simple Sashimi, Sushi and Donburi selections. All featuring trusted, high quality and fresh ingredients/toppings at a surprisingly attractive price point. To that, they also offer the option for one to self-pick pristine cuts of fish/seafood from the refrigerated display, have them sliced by the kitchen staff and added to the set lunches as side dishes.

Today, to our Sushi and Sashimi set lunches, we also added wild Kanpachi and Bluefin Kama-Otoro as a side dish. Fish selection for our Sushi and Sashimi was pretty run-of-the-mill stuff, with nothing stand-out that was worth shouting about. The usual Salmon, Maguro, Chu-toro, Hamachi, Ikura, Tako, Botan Ebi, Hokkigai….etc were featured. A couple of ‘ aburi ‘ nigiri pieces were included in the sushi offering. For the mediocrity in ingredient choices served, however, it was more than made up by the high-quality and freshness of the cut-of-fish and seafood

All in all, an enjoyable luncheon outing. Service, though slow, was extremely friendly and attentive.

The only shortfall noticed was the use of rather ordinary and fairly salty soya-sauce for dipping. include [City, Neighborhood] in your post title above. If the topic is about a specific eatery, please click the ‘Add Location’ button to enter the address, so your topic shows up in the Topic Map.