Tangents or thread drift

Some of us are chattier than others.

Some of us are linear thinkers, and some of us are not. Linear thinkers often become annoyed or frustrated when non-linear thinkers write or speak, because their minds don’t work the same way.

I don’t remember people talking about thread drift until the past week.

Should we be creating new topics every time a microdiscussion starts up or a tangent takes off, in a thread with a defined topic?

I’m sure I’ve been causing a lot of tangents to be taken.

If you have an opinion or thoughts about tangents and thread drift, please add your 2 cents.

I don’t mind discussions that lead to other discussions, and I don’t mind tangents or thread drift.

I wouldn’t mind knowing who dislikes tangents, so I won’t veer into a tangent with those posters unintentionally.


Tangents and drift are fine with me except when I started a topic to get specific help and the drift takes it way off the subject so I don’t get an answer. My ego won’t let me go to: nobody cared enough. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would keep asking my question in the replies, in slightly different ways.


I don’t care. I can easily scroll past whatever tangent goes on that doesn’t interest me.

Conversations are organic, as they should be.


It would be nice if the first few posts could be on topic for the op.

Btw how do you all think da’bears will do this year?


1st world problems.
Thread drift is one of those unexpected bonuses from fun folks interacting, sort of like the really crispy bits of potatoes and bacon at breakfast, or burnt ends.


What a beautifully written post. Thank you. Love tangents.

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Years ago, someone told me that once you start a thread you never how it will turn out. Ain’t that the truth.

P.s. I like tangents.


It just reminds me of the film . Due Date . Zach Galianifkus and Robert Downey Jr . Zach passes out and drives off the bridge. He survived. Robert is mad .lol


Nailed it

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I completely agree @Phoenikia, I think that this thread will be eye opening for all including myself.

I believe that thread drift has its place as @Respectfully_Declined mentioned:

“It would be nice if the first few posts could be on topic for the op.”

I’ll write something up tonight and post tomorrow.

Of course this is my interpretation when it’s okay because there are exceptions to
every rule.


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Cannot wait to see your write up. Since the dance party has ended on naf I went back and read some posts and this is kinda related I swear. When I read “Some of us are linear thinkers, and some of us are not. Linear thinkers often become annoyed or frustrated when non-linear thinkers write or speak, because their minds don’t work the same way.”’ what a rush btw, I saw your post I thought was forest/tree. I believe you were talking about theory which I love but people wanted to know more about the trees. You handled it with aplomb.

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Thank you that is very kind of you to say it is much appreciated !

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Thread drift is like a destruction derby . Suddenly sideways leading to a crash . It’s not a race . Fun to watch the drift . Like golf . Oh that damn ball went another direction.

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spoiler alert thread drift:

I really like the discourse software.
Here is the exception:
The responses are time stamped the first day after that only daily.
When reading through many threads, I scratch my head wondering what all the fuss is about?
If those responses happened minutes apart, the upset makes sense because no turn taking is happening.
When one looks at it as throughout the day perhaps the upset may seem unwarranted.

I think thread drift that reflects the natural course of human interaction is wonderful. I agree that if the OP is still looking for specific information or answers, she/he ought to re-insert the question. Once nudged again, I would hope that if anyone had the needed reply, they’d offer it.


Thread drift is just the natural process of open, public discussion forums.

If thread drift were not allowed, this place would be like going to Catholic boarding school. With a tunnel-vision, myopic taskmaster as principal.

If the OP wanted to veer the discussion back on-topic, simply redirect and post up the original issue or question.

Live, and let live.

Or, in our case, post and let post.


Love this I used to be the feared and dreaded givemecarbs on chowhound and enjoyed your posts there. It is my belief that the linear thinkers (the world needs them too) might also be more apt to complain. Not just about thread drift. I may be wrong.

Side discussions are inevitable — and make this place more interesting and fun — most of the time.

I don’t know how much this is about linear thinking vs. expectations of a thread / board and also respect and allowing space for others to participate.

There are threads that seek specific help or information — in those cases, it would be nice if that query was actually answered, both for the OP and for future searches.

In some cases, a community forms around a theme, and a specific thread topic doesn’t even matter, because largely the same people populate all the threads on that theme. To an unfamiliar eye, the same discussion (or debate) is happening over and over again, but hey, maybe that’s what they enjoy, so I wouldn’t call that tangential.

In other cases, some drift is part of the discussion flow of a community that has built up over time (like WFD). But someone new comes in every so often and asks that the thread become more regimented — completely missing that things don’t need to function exactly as they think they “should” — they can just become a part of what’s already there.

This happens in the inverse with new threads occasionally too — someone seeds a discussion, but then doesn’t like the direction “their” thread took. Well, threads flow like conversations in real life — all over the place.

But I do also think there are some posters who prefer a tangential discussion to actual thread topics — you can spot them when there’s little or no contribution to the topic itself, they’re just there because it’s what’s active at the moment, To me those are intentional, not organic, drifts. There’s a better place for that (usually somewhere in Not About Food).

Always good to keep in mind that HO is a community that’s been around for a while, but it’s on all of us to keep it pleasant and fun. Because when it stops being that way, people leave, and then you’re just left talking to yourself, lol.


More great comments. Thanks for starting this thread Phoenika. Be the change you desire doesn’t really work here but I could be wrong. TANGENT warning. When I joined the lidl nerd community the culture was to disrespect someone who got a great deal at lidl and posted about it. I made it my business to change that along with the excellent and tireless mods. I was pretty vigilant and I took the night shift. Now it’s all congratz and NIce over there. I adore NAF and thanks to whoever started it. Was it you Respectfully?