Taking Flatulence Seriously...

Lots of onions will make me an olfactory terror zone as well.

There’s also the occasional intense bouts of lactose intolerance, but that’s sort of a different thing.

I recall a long ago Thanksgiving with friends when we drank a case of Samuel Adams Octoberfest beer and all ended up outside in the cold garden to allow the gas to escape without offending others. It went on all night. I’ve not had that brew since.

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I was invited to a Polish family get together where we ate vast amounts of kielbasa, bigos stew, cabbage soup and pierogies. Within a couple hours we were all sitting out on the back deck despite the near freezing temperature.
If i get invited again, though, i will definitely attend. Great food.


I once had a similar experience, but with a large Bulgarian family in a small East German train compartment. Fermented food in, fermented food out.

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I made a bunch of gluten free cookies years ago as a treat for a group of kids and their parents, two who were gluten intolerant. This was before all those nice cookie and blended cake mixes were on the market. Chickpea flour was the main ‘flour’. We were all a rootin’ and tootin’ within a half an hour. Never again!


“The best laid plans of mice and men do oft go astray.”

I am not going to try to do that in the original Scottish…

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