Take the New Jersey Food Test!

I score a 4 which correctly identifies that I am not from NJ.

It goes on to say that I must have spent time there. Which I have, although only driving through. I only claim to have visited an American state if I have spent a night there. And New Jersey and Delaware are the only two eastern seaboard states I havnt spent a night in

Funny how the mind works, your reply brought back a memory of a song my father use to sing which used all the states in the lyrics. The New Jersey portion went; “What did Dela-Wear? She wore a New Jersey” - funny how reading your post immediately brought that to mind. No idea how the rest of the song went. Lol



Thanks Harters! It would really bring back memories of you could put me on your lap and sing it to me!

Thank you though I do appreciate it, even if I feel incredibly lazy for not googling it myself.


Such a kind offer but one that must be declined.

Unfortunately, the last time I had a young man on my lap, I got reported to the cops.


Eight out of 10 correct. You can take the girl out of Joisey, but you can’t take Joisey outta the girl! :smiley: Then again, I guessed at the "snacks while filling up your car with gas, because the other three I know are supermarkets. And I’ve never had disco fries.

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8 out of 10 but the Wawa answer is BS. No-one who grew up in 201 ever heard of Wawa. Path mark was founded in NJ was a staple in NJ and the idea that a 609 wannabe chain trumps a real NJ institution is just plain wrong. I never even heard of Wawa until I drove to PA in the mid 80s with my wife and 2 year old.


1st question they got backwards. porkroll is the correct answer. The only one I didn’t know was tastycake

JR, I am going to via45 tonight. any recommendations? I have only been once and for some reason got chicken parm. Oh now I remember, they ran out of steak LOL

9 out of 10 . . . I’m absolutely from NJ. (I got the first one wrong, but I’ve only heard it called pork roll–never Taylor ham.)

Of course, I’m not from NJ. But we’d walk/bike across the Tacony Palmyra . As we got older, we’d drive our fake IDs across for Roger Wilco or clubs when NJ’s age was 18 vs PA’s 21.


And if you grew up in New Jersey and were Jewish, you probably wouldn’t get it right in any case!

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Never been so I’m sorry I’m not much help. Got the pork chop from Woody’s again last night, still suggest that next time you go. (Unless you go for the tomahawk!!)

I got that wrong too, it’s always just been pork roll to me.

I only got 7-10 and I’m born and raised!

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Well . . . I won’t comment on the Philly opinion of Joisey intellects :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

9 out of 10… Guess I’ve been living here too long! :smile:

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I scored 8, though all I know of the state is the halls and hotels in which I exhibited at cat shows. I’m from Long Island originally, but have lived in the Boston area for over 40 years.

9 out of 10. I don’t think Wawa was around when I was growing up there. It was Hess for gas and snacks back then.

I got 8/10, but only by proxy–my dad and grandparents are the Jersey born.

That said, people in Jersey and surrounding areas call it pork roll or Taylor Ham. People elsewhere call it what is that? Spam? Bologna?

Also, the diners answer is bullshit. Sure, Jersey has plenty of diners, but the #1 thing Jersians won’t shut up about (particularly if they’ve been displaced from their homeland) is their pizza parlor.