Take the New Jersey Food Test!

Yes, but the question read “what do they call it in NORTH Jersey”. Taylor Ham is what those heathens call it :smiley:

Blasphemer! Don’t make me have the Governor sit on you.

As for pizza, I’m not in complete disagreement. Although the Pizza belt includes some spots in a couple other states along I-95, in most of the country what’s to be found deserves no better moniker than simply “baked dough and cheese.” I’ve fallen for the lies too many times in too many places to ever think otherwise.

I’m sorry but no - NJ does not do any of hot dogs, bagels, and pizza “better.” NY transplants are just copies.

I got 7 out of 10. I did live in Jersey for about 2 years! But I’m a New Yorka!

No gas at Pathmark, though, right?

Got 7 out of 10, and I’m not a native although I’ve now lived here for longer than in my home state or anywhere else. I also haven’t ever heard of “disco fries” and I misidentified the photo of water ice, which I’ve had plenty of times. I do think those of us in the middle of the state have a bit of an advantage because we know both northern and southern terminology!

I got a 1. Is that bad? And I grew up here and moved back to raise my family. I gotta move.

8 of 10 here. I never saw a Taylor Pork Roll split like that. Obviously the test writer wasn’t from NJ.

I’ll agree with pizza, and the majority of bagels. But there is no way NY does hotdogs better than NJ, with apologies to the Sabrett carts and trips to Nathans of my youth. Just too much variety and too many shops dedicated to just hotdogs here in NJ to make that claim.

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There was no gas at ANY grocery store when I was growing up. It was a HUGE thing when the Pathmark opened in the late 60s with underground parking.

As far as hot dogs, pizza and bagels.

NJ has the best dogs, NYC the best bagels and CT the best pizza. Thats from my experience of living in NJ for 40, working in NYC for 28 and living in CT for 20.

Jr, I was at woodys Wednesday and got the strip again. So my fifty dollar via45 ribeye was decent, but not worth 50 bucks. Happy Easter bud.

Back on topic…

I think the windmill puts out the best dogs around…even beating out Nathans and dirty water nyc dogs, which are still delicious.

I got a 5. I landed in Newark once.

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The answer to #1 is correct. It specifically states “what do you call this if you’re in North Jersey” and in NNJ it’s Taylor Ham. Also to whoever mentioned the lack of WaWas in 201, I had a Wawa where I lived in East Rutherford circa 1990. But it didn’t have a gas station.

Also I hate internet quizzes.

It’s a good steak! I got the pork chop again on Thurs, it was very good too, I like the place a lot.

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