Take-out in [Toronto], May 20, 2023 and onwards

Glad you liked it. We liked the tagliatelle. Actually we liked all the pastas - only one we didn’t try was the spaghetti. Cocktails were good, but the wine selection is even better.


Good to know!

Picked up steamed won tons ($9), a mushroom and tofu bowl / bun ($17) and iced Vietnamese coffee ($6) at Hem Social on Dundas W near Dufferin. I liked it. Casual place. Food was ready in 10 minutes.


Oroshi Fish Co.
This is the $35 before tax and tip premium sushi set.

672 College St, same block as Giulietta and Lardo.

Enjoyed the paella, patatas bravas, octopus and crab croquettes from Salt Wine Bar tonight. I will be back!

I ordered over the phone and picked it up myself.

I had considered ordering online for Bar Isabel, but only a handful of the dishes were available.


@calam1ty , I took a peek at 2Good2Go, and noticed a few upscale spots like Eataly , as well as some indie coffee shops (Merseyside) are using it. I might give it a try.

Sorry the Levant order didn’t work out for you and your SO. Will be interesting to see which places offer more bang for the buck.

I have been meaning to try Lardo on College, next to Barocco x Nino. I like the pizza slices at Barocco x Nino, and they also post and sell their leftovers /extras on 2Good2Go.

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Take away from a new burger joint that just opened in the nabe.
“Aloette Burger” 4oz patty/griddled emmental cheese/dijonaise/lettuce/pickled onions crinkle cuts fries(over salted) and a free CC cookie they gave me because I told them how screwed up their online ordering system was.
Burger was tasty, nothing mind blowing for $12. Fries were good and crispy $6 and the cookie was free so I can’t complain $22 bucks CAD alll in including tax and tip. Might give them a second chance cause my burger options are kinda limited round these parts.


Had a good take-out meal from Bar Vendetta tonight: cacio e pepe crown, rigatoni with shrimp and bacon, cheesy garlic bread, meatballs and tomato salad. It’s becoming a go-to for me.

Patio season is winding down. Danny’s Pizza Tavern, Birreira Volo (College St) and Taverniti’s had relatively busy patios on College St tonight. Most other patios were not busy at all. Pompette’s patio was empty.


I’ve had good luck this weekend:
Yesterday, a cheeseburger at Rudy, which was $8.45 before tax, around $9.61 after tax. I like their cheeseburger more than HappyBurger and as much as Harry’s Charbroiled.

Breakfast sandwich with sausage at Masa Deli inside Housecoat Coffee on Dovercourt Rd. Excellent.

Fattoush, falafel and mejadra from Tabule on Yonge

I tried Patois’ jerk chicken chow mein ($27) and Trini mac pie ($13.50) tonight.

Large amount of chow mein noodles, 3 baby bok choi and maybe 4 ounces of chicken. There were enough noodles for 2 or 3 people. The chicken tasted good.

The Trini mac pie was tasty. Kind of small for $13.50 before tax and tip.

This place was packed on a Thursday.

I probably won’t order from here again. It was pretty salty. Very popular with people in their 20s and 30s.

Fonda Balam and Bar Vendetta serve better food at a similar price point.

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So, Sunnys doesn’t offer take-out. I guess I’ll get my fancy modern Chinese take-out from Dailo or Alma!

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Thanks for posting this. I only do dine-in so this is perfect for me.

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I ordered the platter for 2 ($62- 2 schnitzel, perogies, 2 cabbage rolls and 5 vegetables) and the chicken polpety (meatballs $24.95) with potato dumplings ($2.99 upgrade from plain potatoes) and vegetables (included )from Cafe Polonez, through the Ritual app. Great value. Very generous , I won’t have to cook tomorrow!
No photos of the polpety.



Happy with my Pho Phuong order placed through Ritual. I liked the shrimp and coconut milk cakes and the rice flour rolls. I didn’t like their crab and egg cake much. I am fussy about crab.


You meant to say ‘crabby about crab’, right?

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I think the crab used was frozen or canned, and maybe some offal was mixed in. I don’t know.

I love love love good crab, but rarely order it in Toronto.

Heaven on Earth, from Golden Wheat Bakery

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Tried Naija Jollof, the Parliament location of a West African mini-chain in the GTA. We have only tried a handful of West African places, so we don’t have much experience for comparisons. The food was very flavourful, but the meat was tough and often dry. Anything collagen-filled was not slowly braised, leaving it very chewy. The prices are surprisingly high, with dishes being in the $20-30 range.

We tried the chicken with jollof rice and fried plantain, except they were out of plantain.
The chicken was tasty and had good kick, but was tough and dry. The rice had good flavour, although seemed likely converted.

Another selection was the egusi with fufu (pounded yam). This is a stew that includes squash seeds, cow skin, offal, smoked dried fish, mushrooms, and greens. It had a rich and many-layered flavour. But you have to like very chewy offal. The fufu was a neutral starch to mop up the flavours.

And the efo riro was a very differently-flavoured vegetable stew, featuring spinach, pieces of tripe, and some very tough pieces of mystery meat.

Overall the flavours were really interesting and different. However I preferred Suya Spot for its smokier jollof rice and its more palatable meat.

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The Heaven on Earth at Piri Piri Grill is a nicer version than Golden Wheat Bakery’s version. I suspect the Golden Wheat version contains something like Cool Whip.

Tonight’s take-out was a lentil and turnip dish from Gia,


And unpictured charred romanesco.

It was fine. I prefer the vegetable dishes at Bar Vendetta and Beast Pizza, which also offer take-out. I suspect Gia’s pastas and maybe polenta are its star dishes.

I enjoyed take-out pasta with pork bolognese, pumpkin nduja pizza, broccoli side and carrot sides from Beast Pizza on Saturday.Beast Pizza [Toronto]