Take & Bake Pizza

We used to have a great take and bake pizza place here. Independently owned, great crust, great toppings, and amazing customer service. They had no issue making a pizza with my own sauce, and putting it on a semolina covered cardboard disc so I could easily transfer it to my pizza stone. Sadly, they are gone (like most good places here over the last couple of years). So now I go to a chain entity for a take and bake when I am too lazy to make it from scratch.

My question is… how do I get the pizza off the glossy paper plate it is delivered and designed to be baked on, and on to the pizza stone? I have thought about partially freezing it (provided I have space in the freezer to do that) and then plopping it on a semolina/corn meal covered peel.

But do any of you have any better ideas?

Perhaps ask them if they could make it on parchment paper before sliding onto the baking disk they provide? If they (probably) don’t have parchment, maybe you could provide a roll for your special orders? Just a thought…or use a large pizza spatula or shovel? or whatever they’re called?

Yeah… I don’t think that’s gonna work as they work the dough into those paper plates ahead of time and refrigerate.

Wow! I’ve never bought take and bake pizza, but I’m curious about the logistics. You would bring in your sauce when you ordered, and wait while they assembled it?

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Just remembered, it’s called a pizza peel. The gray matter coughed up word once again!

Yup! It was called Knuckle Dragger, and run by a Mom/Daughter team. The food/customer service was beyond exemplary… plus they also made some of the best sandwiches (cheesesteak, Rueben, pulled pork). They really cared about their customers and the food they made for them.


We only have Figaro’s and Papa Murphy’s.
I was trying to figure out how you could get away with that :slightly_smiling_face:
Now it makes sense.

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Lawyer here, US, and I just shudder at this response. Who would be liable if someone got sick? They are taking so many chances with this behavior.

I’m very environmentally conscious and there were times and places where I would ask if I could bring my own tupperware for them to put takeout into. A couple places said yes a couple of times. Mostly they said no. Again, if they don’t have 100% control over the entire product/process, then there is no telling who will sue them for an injury not of the restaurant’s making.

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While I get what you’re saying, this is a small town… and the two women who ran it were also friends. Even then, I asked ahead of time before bringing in my sauce.

Small town here too. Unfortunately, very litigious society. People have been taught that if they suffer any damage, someone else should financially compensate them for it. And there are plenty of people that will grab at that gold ring if they think they’re something in it for them. Weren’t the Hatfields and McCoys neighbors in a small town?

LOL… dunno what I am gonna do now that they’re gone. The only take and bake place now is a chain (P.M.), and have one of the worst red pizza sauce of all time (tastes like thinned out tomato paste).

So I never order one of their pizzas with red sauce. Next time I am in I’m gonna just ask for the dough and the cheese/toppings on the side. We’ll see how that goes, but I am guessing that will float as the folks that work there are pretty nice.

If you’re going to ask them for the components, you could probably just go to the grocery and get your own cheese, toppings, for less $. Perhaps the grocery has refrigerated pizza dough, or maybe PM will sell that to you. You could also try your hand at homemade. It’s not so difficult if you have a heavy duty stand mixer.

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I do make homemade, but the scope of this discussion is when I don’t have time for that… and as the OP asked, when getting a take and bake, how to get it off the supplied “plate” to a pizza stone?

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