Tai Yuan [Daly City, CA]

Its strange, I never actually wrote about Tai Yuan though I go there quite often… but uhm, in any case, I just wanted to toss in a few words. Earlier in the year they were offering 10% off weeknight dinners as business was being hammered by Corona virus associations in January/February but things appear more grim. I’ll upload a few pictures of dim sum later as well, but those were from an earlier time.

Starting off, we got the steamed pork belly with preserved vegetables. Definitely had that nice preserved vegetable taste with a good sauce/gravy at the bottom. The pork belly had a reasonable distribution of fat and meat in that the meat wasn’t just dry.

There was a menu special on the wall about crispy cornish hens and we opted to try that out. I thought they did a good job on these little birds. Crispy skin with succulent meat, can’t ask for more.

We had the rock cod with tofu clay pot. I thought they did an okay job, though the one piece that I had near the stomach area was on the fishier end… other pieces were fine. :confused:

We opted for the preserved meats clay pot rice. I thought they did a really good job here, with each rice kernel being quite fluffy and a nice soccarat at the bottom without being a giant clumped mess.

The sausage and preserved meat.

Some salted egg and thousand year egg over spinach with supreme broth. I personally don’t quite care for the eggs as much, but quite enjoyed the broth.

We also got a separate vegetable dish as well, that had yuba with napa cabbage mixed in with some fish balls/puffs.

As for the final meat dish, we got some stir fried frog with bittermelon. I enjoyed the dish, though the frog bones can be … mm… boney haha.


I’m glad to see Tai Yuan reopen for both dim sum and dinner. I got this little neat mini poon choi that they offer for take out. From what I recall (and … since I forgot to take a picture of the menu), they have some braised pork belly, beef stew, brocolli, shitake mushrooms, daikon/radish, yuba, taro, and fish ball. Great savory sauce and brings a little bit of festive charm this year.

The clay pot has a $20 deposit that you will get back once you return the item.


How does the dimsum and dinner work? Takeout?

Currently there’s no dine in option (probably for the better tbh until a viable vaccine…). I order dim sum around lunch hours and they’re steamed and placed in little boxes to go.

For the more dinner options, they’re also in boxes lol, but I order them during dinner hours. The mini poon choi, they just ask for a $20 deposit with a little receipt. The dish comes in a clay pot that you bring home and once you’re done eating and (I really hope people wash the pot) just bring in the pot with receipt and get the money back.

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