Tahini from flax seed??

Anyone ever try making tahini from flax seed rather than sesame?? I have some flax but no sesame and wanted to make some hummus. Any thoughts?

I think flax would be a challenge because of the way it gets all goopy when ground and combined with liquid. Do you have any other seeds or nuts?


…blech …pinenuts :frowning:

Good point about flax seed! I forgot that’s what happens. It’s been in my freezer a bit.

Wait- hulled hemp seed?

Try the hemp, maybe a little pine nut for flavor. Or do you happen to have any Asian toasted sesame oil on hand?

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Hemp seeds won’t really make tahini but they’re a fantastic addition to hummus. Adds that nice earthy nutty flavor

If I don’t have tahini I usually add a dash of sesame oil, usually with lemon juice and a little shumac

I also sometimes add toasted walnuts, or toasted almonds, ground into a paste with EVO instead of tahini in hummus. Both are used extensively in Middle Eastern and Greek dishes, especially dips. For example walnuts are essential in melitzanosalata (eggplant salad) and are often added to skordalia (potato and garlic puree).

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