Tadich Grill [San Francisco, Financial District]

I didn’t see a thread for Tadich, so I’m starting one!

Tadich Grill, started in 1849 (before California became part of the Union) by Croatian immigrants as “Coffee Stand,” is the oldest continuously running restaurant in California. Although not at the same location - it’s been at its current location on California Street in the Financial District since 1967.

More info in Wikipedia:

Though they now take reservations, most of the restaurant is for walk-in diners. They have a long bar with the front section for drinking only, and the rear section of the bar for diners. There are also some tables and some private booths on one side. Old school vibe befitting an old school restaurant with lots of wood and brass, waiters in white lab coats.

Tadich is one of the oldest restaurants in the USA, and the food is pretty old school too. Lots of meat/fish and potatoes. They also have a good cioppino. This is what I had for a recent dinner:

Sourdough Bread and Butter (free)
From what I remember from Chowhound discussions Boudin made a special dark crust sourdough for Tadich. I’m not sure if this is the case anymore though, this loaf and the ones I’ve had recently have been lighter than I remember from before. Still a good piece of sourdough.

Martini with Olive ($13.75)
Tadich makes a good martini.

Also had a pint of Anchor Steam ($7.75), which they still had on tap.

Dinner Salad with Crab & Shrimp ($16.50)
A very nice salad, with spring greens, tomato, and a good amount of little bay shrimp and Dungeness crab. You can get it with your choice of dressing, mine was with Louie dressing.

Sand Dabs ($33)
One of their signature dishes, and one that I have ordered often. When available that is - they don’t always have them. A sand dab is a small flatfish similar to a flounder, and I believe these are fished out of the SF bay. These came pan fried and already deboned. Delicate firm, white fleshed fish. Nicely fried with a slightly crispy crust. Like most of their meat and fish dishes this came with some simply sauteed vegetables (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, zucchini) and Long Branch potatoes, which are kind of like extra large steak fries where the center still has some firmness. And a large bowl of tartar sauce on the side.

Tadich Rice Custard ($9)
Rice custard for dessert. This was ok. More like a firm vanilla egg custard on top of a rice bottom, topped with whipped cream. This was my time trying this dessert and I probably wouldn’t order this again.

More pics:


Nice write up. To me, Tadich Grill and The House of Prime Rib are from the same old school. The menus never change. Always a consistent satisfying meal. And, good solid martinis :cocktail:.


Tadich = Sand dabs

Sam’s = Petrale


Maybe, but the Petrale at Tadich was really good too.


Such a nice restaurant! Went there three times in 2 days last October when I was in SF for a short trip. Really good quality fresh fish - loved the sand dabs!! And yes the martinis are ace - they have become my benchmark as to how I like them nowadays. :slight_smile:


It’s the kind of “problem” you always wish there’s enough time and resources to solve.

Tadich Grill is one of my all-time restaurants. Love the sand dabs and the tartar sauce!


I always read the whole menu then order the fried mixed shellfish, without calamari. Great tartar sauce, great no nonsense vibe.

Second choice is Sand Dabs, if available or Charcoal Broiled Petrale Filet.

Wide menu, new, printed daily, lots of choices other than fish.


The Hangtown Fry is a must. Hardly anyone makes it, not even in Hangtown itself (Placerville).

They make an excellent Manhattan too.


It’s one of the few places where people don’t feel stupid ordering a plate of tomatoes for $13.


I can’t remember the last time I went. I am a sucker for their cioppino and sand dabs. I remember when I went with my parents in the 60s and 70s we would order crab after crab. Nowadays, you need to back up the Guarda truck loaded with bags of cash to do so. If we ever get back to SF and Bay area, a trip is in order.


I haven’t been there in ages, but just saw this from a review I follow. https://diningwithfrankie.com/2023/08/11/tadich-grill-update-san-francisco-7-6-23/

I wish I had read this review before ordering the rice custard :joy:


And also a very good Martinez!

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And a good Coke and Vodka.

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Tadich Grill Menu, Monday May 15, 1967. Char broiled Sand dabs or Rex Sole with butter sauce, $2.40. Fried, $2.60. 4% sales tax on all food and beverage items. The coffee cup is a memento from a lovely lunch in 1979. Great memories!


Not the Tadich, but another fine old timey restaurant in San Francisco.
I was fortunate enough to attend a late lunch with my dad, after 1:30pm.


Wow, those are pieces of history. Thanks for sharing!

Schroeder’s is still around. Ladies are now welcome at any time. :wink:

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On their own the ladies found their way elsewhere, especially after work. Royal Exchange comes to mind.

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