Taco Crawl Red Bank - NJ Dec. 27th

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #41

Which place?

(Junior) #42

Yeah where was that? They used that for the taco’s?

Of course @seal saves that spot till after I had to leave. Should have known it was all down hill after I get stuck with the $30. coconut water to cleanse someones delicate palate.

(David) #43

That, my friends, is the al pastor at IMG.


Damn! That looks like some great food. I wish I could have been there. Too much work and too much cold for me yesterday.



That was at IMG, where the pastor is the specialty!

Real deal food at all 3 places (North of the Border, IMG, and Lino’s) and the merry band of HOs had a good time, as always!

And just to round out the full RB experience, on my way home, I found myself sitting at the light at Broad and Maple as the train went by. :joy:

(ricky) #46

Is that shawarma meat at a Mexican place?
Please, what is it?


sin dulce

(Tom T) #48

Looks like a great time!

One day… :smiley:

(John) #49

Funny - I totally forgot about this. Next time…