Taco Crawl Red Bank - NJ Dec. 27th

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #21

Sorry-can’t make it then.

(Joon) #22

I’m game!

Can we do a Long Branch crawl one of these days?

(David) #23

I’m always up for a good food crawl, maybe in the spring… when I recover from this one :grinning:


I’m in!

(John) #25

I can give a firm maybe to that plan.

(Jeff) #26

@MishyPoo and I are in


Unfortunately, I can not get out of work that early. Maybe next time!



Unfortunately I’ll be at work as well!

(David) #29

Looks like a good group shaping up for the crawl. As for timing, @MsBean and @goodparmesan, if you can meet us at Lino’s at 6:30, or even just want to meet up afterwards in Red Bank, let us know.


Thanks @seal. The week after Xmas in retail is as crazy as the week before so I’ll have to see how things go.

(David) #31

Sorry, I just realized I put 47a Broad St when the address of the store we will meet at is 43a Broad St. - on the other side of Via 45.

(David) #32

Wanted to keep the board about food so thought I’d post this here @NotJrvedivici @corvette_johnny @BossaNova @CurlzNJ @MsBean @eleeper @joonjoon @JoeBabbitt @goodparmesan @bgut1 @marlboroman @Metsfan53 et al

To all my NJ Foodie friends a merry HO HO HO of a Christmas to you all!

(Mr met) #33

Ty Seal! Same to you and to all the wonderful posters we have in our little community.

(Junior) #34

Thank you my friend, same to you and yours!


@seal I swear I got on to say the same thing!! #greatminds

A happy/merry to all of you!


Just got back home with take out Chinese food after a matinee movie with the Sprout. The perfect way to spend Xmas afternoon.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Everything and Happy Whatever.


(David) #37

Alright, so we are only one day away from our taco crawl. If the weather today is any indicator, we will be driving tomorrow. If you are going to join us later in the day instead of meeting at the store at 43a Broad St sometime from 4-5 pm, message me and let me know or post here so we will be expecting you.

See you all tomorrow.

(David) #38

Wow! Did we have some great food!

And who knew Lino’s had their own brand of soda?

And all this was after we had two orders of tacos at NOTB, then 1/2 kilo of al pastor cut right off the spit at IMG.


Good stuff seal! I’m glad you guys had a nice time.


I’ll just leave this here…