Taco Bell - Now taking reservations?

Ok well maybe I’m exaggerating but they are obviously trying to boost their image. (Looks like trying to compete more with Chipotle)


I love the design and the reinvention of the interior . . . . I wonder if it will fool people into thinking the food is good now too?

I’d love it if they started taking reservations - that would be a brilliant marketing move (maybe just a reserve the one large table for 8 or more type thing - all driven through their app or something like that).

It’s your cake day !!! I still want to go to White Castle on Valentines Day when they actually do take reservations and do waiter/waitress service.


Ah - it is!!! So exciting I thought I missed it.

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The newest Taco Bell in my town was a ground up build located on a triangular lot. So the building is pie shaped. It’s got kind of an industrial look to the interior, but does have this seating.

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Am I the only weirdo whose idea of amazing restaurant ambiance looks like this?


I have always had reservations about Taco Bell.


Reminds me of the Big Mac Supper Club that McDonald’s experimented with in the 1970’s.


What a bomb that was. For myself I’ve always hated the “food” at Taco Bell - with its orange sauce that somehow manages to be both super greasy and super acidic - horrible.

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Best time to go is between 2am - 3am when anything tastes good.


No, that’s the time to go to White Castle.


I’ve never been in bad enough shape to go to Taco Bell…I’ll even fess up to Waffle House!


I wish Mc Donalds did the 24 hour breakfast menu back in the days I was still hitting places up between 3 & 4am!!


I remember those days.

A relative down in GA raved about Waffle House and they seemed to be everywhere down south so while looking at property in SC this summer we stopped at one. It was “OK” but I would take a NJ diner breakfast any day of the week over Waffle House’s offerings.

Yeah could you imagine having a good case of the munchies & tearing into that stuff.

Waffle House is pretty dire, but a plate of scattered and smothered hash browns win over whatever the hell it is that they hand you through a Taco Bell window.

Every couple of years I find myself with someonen who wants to eat Taco Bell, and I always end up wondering why I gave in.


My son went through a Taco Bell phase, so I found myself there far to often for awhile. I really would rarely join him in eating there, but the handful if times I did I could not discern one item from another. No joke, everything tasted the exact same to me chicken, beef “other” just all tasted alike.


I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had Taco Bell.

But if I were, the one thing I saw that I was like . . . .“hmmm that could be good in a trashy kind of way” . . . would have been (sorry don’t know what they call this or if I’m mixing commercials together) - don’t they have a quesadilla wrapped around a crunchy shell taco? Can that be a Doritos taco shell wrapped with a quesadilla? Something about that sounds just awful enough to be good in the “right state of mind”.

Sounds possible, now that my sons palate has matured and he is into Chipotle (lol) I haven’t paid much attention to Taco Bell in the past 3-4 years. I should say when I did try Taco Bell it was never any of their “exotic” specials like a dorito taco shell, just whatever standard fare they offered.

Well. I’ll confess. Taco Bell is a Guilty Pleasure for me about six or eight times a year. I don’t go exotic in my ordering; just a few Soft Taco Supremes and a (free) Senior drink.

Now the key here, is to hope your order filler is not a Nazi about Portion Control, but ladles you up a “healthy” scoop of that orange–and ground mystery beef. If that happens, and it’s bound to; at least once out of six times, you’ve won the lottery!

(I’ve learned ((the hard way)) never go off on a drive after this lunch).

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